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EASA approves ACA purification for Airbus A320 series
AMAC, Jet Aviation and STC Twenty One have been approved by EASA to install ACA's air and surface purification on Airbus A320 series models. The system improves interior air quality and neutralises pathogens.
The purification component mounted on the air duct.
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Aviation Clean Air (ACA) has received three EASA approvals for installation of its air and surface purification system. These most recent supplemental type certificates (STCs) are for installation on the Airbus 320 series of aircraft; the A318, A319, A320 and A321.

“These latest STC approvals for the proven ACA system will allow even more operators worldwide to experience the benefits of a clean, safe and comfortable cabin,” says managing member Howard Hackney. “We are pleased that three leading providers of aviation maintenance and services have received EASA approval to install our airborne purification system on the Airbus platform.”

AMAC Aerospace Switzerland, Jet Aviation and STC Twenty One each have been approved by EASA to install the ACA system on Airbus A320 series models. The EASA approvals compliment the FAA STC on these aircraft that is currently in place.

ACA's system is powered by the patented NeedlePoint Bi-Polar Ionisation (NPBI) process that has been proven to effectively purify the air and surfaces and neutralise viruses and bacteria throughout an aircraft interior. The system is installed in the aircraft's existing environmental control system (ECS) and functions automatically whenever the ECS is running. It electronically creates positive and negative ions from the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water vapour present in the air, which effectively cleans and disinfects the interior of a large cabin aircraft in minutes. The system provides constant decontamination of the aircraft interior without using or introducing any chemicals. The ACA system also removes odours, dust and pollen, neutralises common industrial gases and reduces static electricity.

Aviation Clean Air's airborne ionisation system is certified and STC'd on approximately 60 aircraft models. A portable unit is also available that cleans and purifies aircraft interiors while on the ground. ACA's main facility is located adjacent to the Savannah/Hilton Head International airport in Savannah, Georgia and a secondary facility is located near Los Angeles, California.

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