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FAA gives PMA approval for PWI ice light windows
PWI's FAA-approved windows enhance ice detection on the leading edge of King Air and Beech 1900 wings. PWI has also added EDMO as distributor for its drop in replacement cockpit light LED upgrade systems.
The ice light window provides an outlet for the ice light to illuminate the leading edge of the wing for visual ice detection.
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Wichita, Kansas-based aviation lighting specialist PWI has earned FAA PMA approval for its two ice light windows for King Air and Beech 1900 aircraft. Mounted on the outside of each engine nacelle on these twin-turboprops, the ice light windows provide an outlet for the ice light to illuminate the leading edge of the wing for visual ice detection.

The PWI ice light window is a direct replacement for the original window and is priced at $249.95. Replacement windows are often a remedy for the deterioration caused by the high heat produced by an incandescent bulb ice light.

There are two designs, a square window and a notched corner window. These two designs enhance the King Air 90, 100, 200 and 300; 99 Airliner and 1900/1900C aircraft. There is a complete list of the approved serial numbers on the PWI website.

A new window not only enhances ice detection, but also facilitates additional aircraft visibility when viewed from the side, regardless of weather. These two new windows represent a simple update that adds safety to any mission.

PWI also has manufactured a PMA-approved LED ice light that produces far less heat, is brighter and uses less power than incandescent bulb products. Replacing both the window and the ice light often makes sense for charter, airmed and other special missions aircraft, as well as general and business aviation.

PWI has complemented our King Air LED lighting product line to include ice light windows. Customers have commented that replacing the window and adding a new LED ice light is an ideal combination,” says CEO and president Robi Lorik.

PWI Engineering has also signed a distribution agreement with EDMO Distributors for its cockpit light LED upgrade systems; direct drop in replacement reading lights designed to fit into existing light fixtures where the incandescent bulb used to go, without no changes needed. Each reading light features LEDs that provide up to 33K hours of life, are cool to the touch when operating, provide better directional lighting and deliver a more aesthetically pleasing light compared to incandescent bulbs. PWI reading lights are PMA certified #PQ4159CE.

PWI has also designed LED bulb upgrades to exterior ice lights and interior cabin reading lights with a standard direct configuration and a right-angle LED bulb that directs light at a 90° angle from the socket base.

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