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AMAC lands Global and Airbus contracts
One lucky Airbus A340 is be fitted with a fuel tank inerting system - a particular speciality of AMAC in Basel - to reduce the volatility of the air in the tanks.
AMAC has considerable experience working with heavy metal.
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AMAC Aerospace in Basel, Switzerland, has been awarded three further maintenance contracts on Global Express aircraft as well as a contract for a head of state Airbus A320 and one for a privately owned A340-600. AMAC will carry out annual maintenance on two of the Globals, Ka-band installation on one of them and will perform an 8C-check on the third, as well as cabin refurbishment and Ka-band installation.

For the A320, which is entering AMAC’s hangar in October, the company will complete a C-Check and will upgrade the aircraft’s inflight entertainment system to Ka-band so that passengers will be able to stream HD content.

The work on the A340-600 will include a C-Check, landing gear overhaul and cabin removal. A fuel tank inerting system (FTIS) installation is also scheduled. FTIS improves aircraft safety by reducing the volatility of the ullage (air volume above the fuel) in an aircraft fuel tank. As fuel is consumed during flight, the fuel level in the tank is lowered and the remaining oxygen in the ullage is replaced by non-flammable inert gas. Reducing oxygen in the fuel tank prevents combustion in the tank, even if a spark is present. The FTIS technology includes membrane gas separators, which reduce the oxygen concentration of the air entering the fuel tank.

“Having performed FTIS installations on a number of Airbus narrow and widebody aircraft, we have extensive experience and know-how and are happy to demonstrate this to our esteemed A340-600 customer,” says director of completion sales and key account management Eric Hoegen.

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