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Pure Technics opens Kazakhstan full service support centre
Pure Technics' new full service centre in Kazakhstan will support aircraft from Swiss manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft and Italy's Leonardo Helicopters.
Pure Technics will support Pilatus aircraft and Leonardo helicopters.

Kazakhstan's business aviation market is considered to be the most developed in the region, and for good reason. Expanding industry as well as strong raw materials and energy sectors are creating ideal conditions for business aviation to truly spread its wings. And of course, business aviation is inconceivable without professional aircraft maintenance.

Pure Technics has opened an aviation service centre at the international airport in Nur-Sultan, the Kazakh capital, and has been issued with certificate QZ.145.0022 from the Kazakh aviation authorities for the maintenance and repair of Pilatus Aircraft and Leonardo Helicopters in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The new service centre will set an international standard for supporting Swiss Pilatus PC-12 turboprops and Pilatus PC-24 jets. Both of these aircraft are well known in the region: the practical and economical PC-12 has already proven itself, while the PC-24 rugged business jet is winning customers' hearts.

The service centre will support customers from Kazakhstan as well as Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Uzbekistan. It will provide the full range of after-sales service and airworthiness support, including operational and periodic maintenance for the entire PC-12 line and the PC-24. Pure Technics specialists also perform warranty work, troubleshooting and travel to any aircraft location 24/7/365.

The company has its own stock of spare parts, allowing most checks to be performed quickly. Pure Technics' engineers regularly certify and upgrade their qualifications with certified European aviation training centres.

Technical support is also available for owners of Leonardo helicopters, starting with the AW139 but the company intends to add other Leonardo models in due course.

The company is also preparing to become an authorised service centre for Pratt and Whitney in the near future. Pure Technics plans to service the PT6A turboprop engine, including hot section inspection of the engine. It will also involve maintenance of Hartzell propellers, which are installed on many popular aircraft, including the Pilatus PC-12. Additionally, it will operate aircraft on behalf of clients.

Establishing a centre for full range of after-sales services for Pilatus Aircraft and Leonardo Helicopters is the logical next step in the development of the business aviation market in Kazakhstan. Pure Technics believes these sophisticated maintenance procedures will raise the bar for aviation after-sales service in the region and attract new customers from countries in the Caucasus and central Asia.

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