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China CAA qualifies TRU Citation M2 simulator
The CAAC has given Level D qualification to the CAFUC's M2 simulator. Equipped with Garmin G3000 and featuring OEM aircraft parts, it supports the university's fleet of four M2 aircraft.
TRU field service technician, China Guoqing Luo; CAAC captain Gao Hong; and CAFUC vice president Wang Xiaolong.

TRU Simulation + Training's Cessna Citation M2 full flight simulator (FFS) for the Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC) has successfully achieved Level D qualification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). This is the first Level D Citation M2 full flight simulator in operation outside of the United States, and was built and installed following an agreement between the two companies signed in December 2020.

“The success of the Cessna Citation M2 simulator programme in China is the result of a long standing relationship between the TRU and CAFUC teams,” says vice president and general manager Jerry Messaris. “TRU's innovative and customised design, production and support, in addition to the collaboration with CAFUC on the installation and qualification process, ensured the highest quality training device.”

The full flight simulator, located at CAFUC's training centre in Guanghan City, supports the university's fleet of four Citation M2 aircraft and expands the capabilities of the largest pilot training school in the country. CAFUC's fleet of Cessna aircraft also includes 159 Cessna Skyhawk pistons, the largest in China, and seven Cessna Citation CJ1/CJ1+ light jets.

Equipped with the latest Garmin G3000 avionics, the simulator features original equipment manufacturer aircraft parts throughout the cockpit, ensuring accurate representation of the Citation M2. TRU's design incorporates the company's third-generation control loading system that produces a highly realistic flight experience. The full-flight motion of the simulator integrates TRU's REALCue system, utilising an electric motion base with 60 inch-stroke actuators, while the visual system is equipped with high definition projectors on a 200x40 degree display to create an immersive training environment. A robust, yet easy-to-use instructor operating station brings everything together to enhance the instructor's ability to effectively manage the simulator operation.

The qualification of the M2 simulator marks one of the latest achievements for TRU. In April, TRU's full flight simulator for the Cessna SkyCourier received Level D qualification from the FAA. Additional qualifications for other training devices are expected in 2022.

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