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Operators have foresight to sign up for ForeFlight
A trio of Europe-based customers are the first to sign up for Boeing's ForeFlight programme; Europe-based operator Luxaviation, UK-headquartered operator Gama Aviation and Swiss-headquartered Comlux Group.
ForeFlight president Tim Schuetze with Comlux Group COO Andrea Zanetto.

Luxaviation, Gama and Comlux are among the inaugural customers joining ForeFlight's Development Partnership Programme, an initiative that gives select customers the opportunity to collaborate on future innovations in flight operations software under development at ForeFlight. Adopting ForeFlight's product suite purpose-built for business aviation will allow them to benefit from consolidation of both costs and software, replacing previous digital solutions from multiple vendors with a tightly integrated set of products from a single vendor.

This agreement adds to Luxaviation's current use of Boeing's Jeppesen charting and NavData solutions and replaces its existing flight planning and inflight solutions with ForeFlight's integrated product ecosystem, that includes ForeFlight Dispatch for flight planners, ForeFlight Mobile EFB with integrated Jeppesen charts for pilots, ForeFlight Runway Analysis for takeoff and landing performance calculations on both mobile and Dispatch, as well as ForeFlight Fuel Advisor for cost-optimised fuel planning.

“For years we have been closely monitoring ForeFlight's rapid innovation in the business aviation space, and we believe that its product suite is now mature and capable enough to support a truly global operation like ours,” says Luxaviation chief aviation officer Robert Fisch. “While many of our pilots have used the ForeFlight Mobile app for their personal flying since the beginning, there's no question that this integrated solution can support professional flight operations globally. Regulators have also signalled their approval of this programme, and we are working with them and ForeFlight to obtain full regulatory approval in all 16 of our AOCs around the world.”

“The eagerness with which Luxaviation pursues new technologies to strengthen and hone its operation has made it a truly inspiring partner to work with,” says ForeFlight president Tim Schuetze. “It champions the transformative power of automation and digitisation, and nothing demonstrates that more than its adoption of ForeFlight's fully integrated ecosystem.”

Luxaviation Group CEO Patrick Hansen adds: “Luxaviation has always heavily invested in using the most advanced software, from ERP to CRM purposes but also into flight planning. We have set a milestone with the agreement between our group and Boeing for its ForeFlight and Jeppesen products. We are very proud, after years of working together, to be able to introduce ForeFlight throughout our group and globally, for fixed wing and helicopters, from New Zealand to Mexico and from Scandinavia to South Africa.”

Gama Aviation is adding ForeFlight Dispatch for its global fleet. Purpose-built for business aviation, ForeFlight Dispatch is a cloud-native, web-based flight planning solution that provides advanced capabilities in an intuitive interface designed with planners and dispatchers in mind.

“At Gama Aviation we put great emphasis on deploying the best technology to serve our customers,” says head of business aviation delivery Paul Cremer. “We leverage both our own software products like myairops, as well as the best of what the industry has to offer and actively encourage automation between myairops products and software solutions such as ForeFlight. After careful consideration and extensive evaluation, we concluded that the ForeFlight flight planning solution was the best fit for the Gama operation.”

In addition to adopting ForeFlight Dispatch, Gama has Type B approval for the use of ForeFlight and is working towards paperless operations.

Gama Aviation and myairops are on the forefront of adapting smart technology and clever solutions to constantly improve their value proposition in the marketplace," says Schuetze. "Working closely with the Gama Aviation team is a great opportunity for us to bring the best of our technology to a customer with a fast pace and high expectations.”

Swiss-headquartered Comlux Group is to implement the flight planning and mobile EFB solutions across its entire operation. It will adopt ForeFlight's integrated product suite to replace its existing flight planning and inflight solutions. This includes ForeFlight Dispatch for flight planners and self-dispatching pilots, paired with ForeFlight Mobile EFB with integrated Jeppesen charts for preflight briefing and inflight navigation.

Dispatch connects to ForeFlight Mobile to transmit new flight plans to assigned crew members in seconds, complete with detailed briefing documents. An industry first, this tight integration between flight planning product and mobile flight deck application allows data to seamlessly sync between planners and pilots in real time, improving collaboration and reducing workloads.

“Our pioneer approach always drives us to adopt the most innovative tools and systems to allow the most responsive and efficient VIP flight operations,” says Comlux COO Andrea Zanetto. “In this respect, we are proud to begin this transition to ForeFlight. The initial integration of these products into our current aviation systems has been extremely smooth and fast. With ForeFlight, we maximise efficiency and minimise complexity of our worldwide fleet management, while offering the best operational service to our VIP customers.”

“The future of business aviation lies in tightly-integrated, cloud-based solutions, and Comlux's eager adoption of Boeing's ForeFlight Dispatch and ForeFlight Mobile demonstrates a great deal of foresight,” says Schuetze. “We are delighted to continue working alongside it in developing new and more powerful solutions for flight departments.”

ForeFlight Dispatch goes beyond enabling flight planners to collaborate, plan, file and monitor flight plans. From basic domestic flights to complex international trips with stringent route constraints, it produces optimised Eurocontrol-valid routes with speed and flexibility. Planners using Dispatch quickly discover how much time and effort they save thanks to the system's automation capabilities, including flexible operational rules for adapting Dispatch to unique operational needs. Finished flight plans are transmitted to pilots directly in ForeFlight Mobile in seconds, complete with detailed briefing documents for them to review right away. This solution is the first in the market to integrate a flight planning product and mobile flight deck application, with consistent data seamlessly syncing between the two in real time. This all results in improved collaboration and reduced workloads for flight planners and pilots alike.

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