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Stevens and Alto pair up on G-IVSP CMS/IFE retrofit
The new owner of an outdated G-IVSP knew exactly what he wanted in terms of functionality and ease of use. Stevens and Alto undertook a complete interior refurb, paying special attention to the sound and light systems.
Along with the CMS and IFE, the aircraft received complete exterior and interior LED lighting, Gogo Avance L5, full custom paint, extensive engine and maintenance work, and a complete interior re-configuration.

US MRO and refurbishment company Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems and in-flight audio systems developer Alto Aviation have completed a major Gulfstream G-IVSP cabin management system (CMS) and in-flight entertainment system (IFE) retrofit. Along with the CMS and IFE, the aircraft received complete exterior and interior LED lighting including multi-coloured upwash/downwash cabin mood lighting, the latest in high-speed wi-fi with Gogo's Avance L5, full custom paint, extensive engine and maintenance work, and a complete interior re-configuration.

The interior modification took this aircraft from an outdated flying office/apartment to an exclusive VIP executive cabin as envisioned by the new owner. The CMS/IFE retrofit represents Alto's most complete full-featured offering with its top-of-the-line Alto Sound. In addition, Alto supplied HD video monitors, A/V selection, HDMI inputs, Bluetooth audio and interface to the moving map. The Alto 6.2 Soundstage immersive sound system included multiple loudspeakers and subwoofers all tuned on site by Alto engineers to customise the performance specifically for this unique G-IVSP cabin to the owner's ear and preference. The forward section incorporates Alto's recently introduced MySound VIP Optimisation, allowing the owner to select the preferred audio mode and easily switch between full-cabin optimisation and surround sound for the forward-facing VIP seats or VIP surround.

“Music and sound systems were extremely important to the new owner,” says Stevens large cabin sales manager Tony Raines. “Alto's power and precision state-of-the-art audio system fit the application perfectly.”

The new owner also had very specific requirements for the CMS, which the original and partially obsolete system in the 2000 model Gulfstream could not handle. This led Stevens to Alto's Cadence cabin management system, that incorporates updated and fully customised direct-replacement switch panels located at each seat as well as complete control of lighting, shades, climate and galley functions. The Alto Cadence cabin control app allows all passengers to control all the cabin functions from their tablet or phone. The touch-screen galley panel allows the flight crew to control all aircraft cabin systems, including cabin entertainment. In addition to the mounted touch panel, the system includes a tablet PC to allow the crew to bring the galley panel control to their seat, offering a layer of redundancy.

“We are thankful to everyone at Stevens Aerospace for choosing us as their partners for this special project. This G-IVSP installation is as professional as it gets; the attention to detail was impeccable, and the final result was simply outstanding; a no-compromise solution with all the bells and whistles,” says Alto VP engineering R&D Steve Scarlata. “I'm delighted with the result that sets a reference in the industry and a whole new approach to an affordable, complete Alto Sound and user-friendly cabin control experience.”

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