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ATP Flightdocs integrates Bluetail digitisation
ATP is partnering with Bluetail to offer a deep integration allowing for direct access to records digitised by Bluetail directly from the Flightdocs platform.

Aviation information services and software provider ATP has a new integration partnership with back-to-birth aircraft records digitiser Bluetail.

“While Flightdocs has focused on ensuring aircraft compliance and current records, this partnership and integration with Bluetail allows our operators to have complete access and control of all historical documents and data from a single platform,” explains ATP's VP, product management, business aviation solutions, Kent Pickard. “The opportunity to add this benefit to our customers brings an aircraft's history under one umbrella. This approach is essential for a proactive approach to managing your aircraft and ensures a seamless and enhanced customer experience.”

The advanced digitisation of historical records along with the integration will allow Flightdocs users to search and access current and historical records directly from its platform. Whether preparing for a pre-buy, major inspection or an audit, the ability to not only access but act on records and data over the life of the aircraft streamlines processes and adds value to both the aircraft and the operator.

“When we originally founded Bluetail, we always envisioned that our platform could become the de facto aircraft records stack for business aviation, the document 'foundation' if you will," says COO and co-founder Stuart Illian. "With our deep integration with ATP Flightdocs, and thus its full suite of rich and integrated maintenance software, we believe that we can now offer our mutual customers the perfect structure built upon that foundation.”

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SmartSky solutions are now available for Citation X
November 10, 2022
This Textron-owned STC enables owners of the more than 300 Cessna Citation X series aircraft to take advantage of SmartSky's US air-to-ground connectivity network.
Bluetail reduces time required to conform charter aircraft
October 18, 2022
The MACH module will help reduce conformity processes performed by operators and management companies by up to five days, a time saving that translates to tens of thousands of dollars in added revenue per aircraft.
Bluetail recruits scanners via crowdsourcing
August 29, 2022
By crowdsourcing, Bluetail will have experienced aviation representatives located near customers’ facilities performing onsite aircraft records digitalisation; so valuable documents won't leave the hangar.