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News from Business Air News
R-R Deutschland signs up for Veryon engine diagnostics
March 11, 2024
Veryon's platform is ideal for customers like Rolls-Royce to accelerate return-to-service through AI-powered continuous learning troubleshooting process. It halves troubleshooting times and supports first-time fixes.
Rusada Envision becomes Veryon Tracking+
February 12, 2024
Following the acquisition of Rusada last year, Veryon has migrated the name of its aircraft management platform to Tracking+.
Veryon lands Innovation award for service centre management
January 16, 2024
The solution enables aircraft operators to save time, reduce errors and avoid analyst dependency for maintenance revisions. They can access all their aircraft tech pubs and regulatory content with a single click.
October 6, 2023Veryon expands portfolio with acquisition of Rusada
August 4, 2023Veryon's Work Center aims to simplify maintenance processes
June 7, 2023Software business ATP rebrands as Veryon
April 17, 2023ATP FlightDocs software syncing with FuelerLinx
January 23, 2023Flightdocs Operations platform is given a refresh
March 7, 2022Happ joins ATP as chief executive
February 8, 2022ATP Flightdocs integrates Bluetail digitisation
November 29, 2021Pratt & Whitney to launch ATP technical publications
August 27, 2021Accel-KKR invests in ATP to accelerate company vision
August 9, 2021CFS chooses ATP to provide engine technical pubs
December 14, 2020Epic and ATP forge data distribution deal
November 8, 2020ATP integrates technical and regulatory content
October 3, 2020ATP adds Longitude publication to expanding library
June 26, 2020Online solutions providers band together to lead the market
April 21, 2020Aircraft Technical Publishers and CaseBank rebrand to ATP
March 9, 2020ATP boosts data access for Aviation Hub
February 23, 2020Portside partnership brings data capabilities to operators
December 10, 2019Flightdocs sets up shop in Toronto
November 1, 2019Fast-growing Flightdocs forges fresh friendships
October 22, 2019Cirrus selects Flightdocs for warranty aircraft management
September 9, 2019Levya to leverage technology experience for Flightdocs
June 18, 2019Textron adds Flightdocs to recommended providers
May 22, 2019Textron hub will enhance record keeping
November 3, 2018Flightdocs aims to transform flight department efficiency
October 19, 2018Flightdocs introduces customer success team
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