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News from Business Air News
Flightdocs Operations platform is given a refresh
January 23, 2023
The flight operations and scheduling app is fully integrated with a maintenance tracking platform, eliminating any miscommunication between maintenance and flight ops departments and improving operating efficiency.
Happ joins ATP as chief executive
March 7, 2022
Looking to serve the evolving and complex needs of the industry, ATP has attracted a team builder with a strong track record for growing high-performance companies. Norman Happ replaces outgoing ceo Rick Noble.
ATP Flightdocs integrates Bluetail digitisation
February 8, 2022
ATP is partnering with Bluetail to offer a deep integration allowing for direct access to records digitised by Bluetail directly from the Flightdocs platform.
Pratt & Whitney to launch ATP technical publications
November 29, 2021
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