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Dassault draws on 6X design for enhanced 8X cabin
The new 8X cabin is Bluetooth capable allowing passengers to stream music through the aircraft's speakers and the ICS app identifies a passenger's seat location and suggests lighting and temperature adjustments.
The ICS interface can be activated via a personal device or via cabin touch panels, which are flush mounted into the cabin side ledge.

Dassault Aviation has unveiled an enhanced interior design intended to provide added comfort and ergonomics on its ultra-long range Falcon 8X.

“The upgrade incorporates the latest cabin technology and contemporary stylistic thinking from our interior teams,” says Eric Trappier, chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation. “We've taken a proven platform and, with the help of extensive customer input, enhanced it with a range of new features intended to enhance cabin comfort.”

Drawing on features from the cabin of the 6X, Dassault says the restyled interior design for the 8X presents a fresh look, with flowing lines and curved surfaces intended to provide a perception of uninterrupted spaciousness. New LED lighting is designed to reduce strain on the eyes while new sunrise and sunset functions help adapt to new time zones on intercontinental flights.

The 8X cabin has multiple configuration options, including a spacious galley, plus size stateroom options and an optional extended aft lavatory with shower. It allows a high degree of customisation, especially for passengers who make use of the 8X's 6,450 nautical mile intercontinental range.

Noise levels average below 50 dB, which it claims is as quiet as a suburban living room, thanks to acoustic mapping and application of isolation mounts, noise reduction materials and fine tuning of environment systems designed to modulate potentially distracting frequencies.

Throughout the cabin, the design reflects attention to detail and subtle changes specifically introduced to improve the passenger experience. Among these is additional iPad storage and charging areas in the mid cabin bulkhead that keep personal devices accessible but out of sight when not required. The galley area also displays a number of new features based on cabin crew feedback, including a more comfortable crew rest area and an improved galley equipped with a larger sink, new faucet, better lighting, larger chiller and increased storage space.

A new innovative cabin system (ICS) combines control of cabin management and entertainment functions. The ICS interface can be activated via a personal device or via cabin touch panels, which are flush mounted into the cabin side ledge. The cabin is fully Bluetooth capable, allowing passengers to stream music through the aircraft's speakers or through a wireless headset. Once connected through Bluetooth, the ICS app identifies a passenger's seated location and proposes environmental settings for temperature, lighting and window shade adjustment.

Dassault's FalconConnect communications service provides a full line up of passenger cabin connectivity applications, including real time videoconferencing, voice over IP, internet browsing and email. Other features include FalconSkyView, which streams the view ahead on aircraft outfitted with external cameras, and the 8X's digital flight control system, making the cabin experience more peaceful and relaxing.

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