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Fox Flight expands its ambulance fleet with the 45XR
Fox Flight acquired a Learjet 45XR from Luxembourg Air Rescue, meaning the jet is fully configured and ready to fly medical repatriation missions. It intends to base the 45XR in Europe.
Fox Flight Air Ambulance newest addition the Learjet 45XR.

Fox Flight Air Ambulance has added a Learjet 45XR to its fleet of air ambulances. The addition of the aircraft allows it to augment and expand its services in Europe.

"We believe that travel to and from Europe is poised to take off in the wake of the COVID pandemic," explains David Fox, president of Fox Flight. “Adding capacity to our fleet allows us to meet that pent-up demand while continuing to provide service for clients travelling in North America, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Ultimately, we intend to base the Learjet 45XR in Europe, which will allow us to fly longer wing-to-wing missions using our own aircraft and crews exclusively.”

Fox Flight acquired the Learjet 45XR from Luxembourg Air Rescue, meaning the plane is fully configured and ready to fly medical repatriation missions.

“Just like with our Learjet 40XRs, the longer fuselage of the Learjet 45XR provides room for a washroom and extra baggage, which many air ambulances don't have; and the taller and wider cabin makes it easier for the medical crew to load and unload the patient and provide in-flight care,” concludes Fox.

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