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Samad Aerospace expands team ahead of relocation
Samad Aerospace will shortly be moving into new larger headquarters at Cranfield Technology Park in Bedfordshire, UK. There will be plenty of space for its seven new senior employees to settle in.
The eStarling

Samad Aerospace, the developer of the eVTOL eStarling business aircraft, has strengthened its team with several new appointments at its UK head office in Cranfield Technology Park.

New members of the team include: Graeme Codner, chief technical officer; Richard Abbott, head of airframe; Dr. Steve Wright, head of avionics; Glenn Waters, head of advanced tech; Dr. Marwan Maurizio Chedid, certification manager; Fabrizio Poli, head of sales and marketing; Shayan Amin, sales and marketing executive

Dr. Seyed Mohseni, CEO of Samad Aerospace, says: “Samad Aerospace continues to grow and expand as we develop our fleet of eco-friendly aircraft that will revolutionise the way that humans and goods fly around the world. Samad Aerospace is an essential and key contributor to the third aerospace revolution.”

The company is currently opening its next round of fund raising to start certification programmes for its aircraft.

As part of its expansion plans, the Samad Aerospace team will shortly be moving into new larger headquarters at Cranfield Technology Park in Bedfordshire. The new Samad House will provide the growing team with more space to develop its fleet of aircraft.

The eco-friendly VTOL aircraft promise to be safer than a car, completely flexible, less time consuming than any plane or train and as luxurious as a private jet. This unique combination of features will completely redefine the air travel experience.

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