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P&W-powered PC-12 NGXs reach a major milestone
The PT6 engine occupies a unique place in the history of powered aviation and is used on more than 130 different applications today. On the PC-12 NGX the powerplant has now notched up more than 15,000 hours.

Pratt & Whitney Canada's PT6 E-Series engine has achieved another milestone, reaching 15,000 hours of flight powering the Pilatus PC-12 NGX. “The popularity of the new PT6E-67XP-powered PC-12NGX aircraft among buyers of turboprop business aircraft has brought us to 15,000 hours in a little more than a year since it was launched in October 2019,” says Nicholas Kanellias, VP of GA at Pratt & Whitney. “As the first engine in general aviation to feature a dual-channel integrated propeller and engine control system, the PT6E-67XP engine is a key, new feature of this impressive and top-selling aircraft in the marketplace. It's another chapter in the PT6 engine family's long history of driving rapid, fundamental change and innovation in the industry.”

The PT6 engine occupies a unique place in the history of powered aviation and is used on more than 130 different applications today. The engine family's current flying population is more than 25,000 units and it has accumulated more than 425 million flight hours and counting. Each new model of engine is developed and designed for a mission, platform, and customer in mind, while continuing to build a more efficient, digitally connected engine with a shrinking environmental footprint.

Pratt & Whitney Canada has also expanded its portfolio of P&WCSMART Solutions, made popular with its ‘flat-rate’ and ‘capped-cost’ programs for major maintenance events, to include a new category of service-based solutions. The first offering under the category is the P&WCSMART Subscription Service for PT6A Engines, which provides selected scheduled and unscheduled maintenance coverage, parts replacement, and digital engine health services for engines between their hot section inspection (HSI) and overhaul.

Finally, the company has joined AerCap, Collins Aerospace, and SMBC Aviation Capital in a group effort to support equitable access to COVID-19 vaccinations around the world with a collective $400,000 USD contribution to Gavi's COVID-19 Vaccines Advance Market Commitment (COVAX AMC).

COVAX AMC provides access to donor-funded vaccine doses to 92 lower-income nations. In addition, the Gavi Matching Fund will double the impact of this gift, resulting in $800,000 USD in support of global COVID-19 vaccine equity.

The Aviation Coalition knows support is still needed to ensure no one from the global community is left behind in this pandemic. Each company contributed $100,000 USD as testament to the importance of giving people in every corner of the world safe and equitable access to vaccination. Others are encouraged to join and learn more about Gavi and the COVAX facility.

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