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KlasJet entrusts Atitech with its Boeing 737-522
In addition to 12 and 24 month checks, KlasJet's B737 will undergo a modification of its ice and rain protection system. The work will take place at Capodichino International airport in Naples courtesy of Atitech.
In July last year the KlasJet aircraft was reconfigured from 122 to 104 passengers.

Lithuanian operator KlasJet is back at Capodichino International airport in Naples to enable Italian Part 145 Atitech to perform a check on its B737-522. The aircraft has been configured for 104 passengers since 17 July, when a cabin reconfiguration was performed by KlasJet's sister company FL Technics in Vilnius. Previously the 737 was configured for 122 passengers. In addition to 12 and 24 month checks the aircraft will undergo a modification of its ice and rain protection system.

Atitech has also been awarded the contract for the integrated logistic support of the ACJ319 fleet of the Presidency of the Italian Republic. The fleet comprises three of the type, which are operated by the 31st Wing of the Italian Air Force from its base in Ciampino International in Rome.

The contract will have a duration of four years starting from 1 July 2021. Atitech has supported the ACJ319 fleet since November 2017, after having won the tender put out by NATO (NSPA). Previously the fleet was supported by Iberia Maintenance.

“We continue to confirm ourselves as an expert supplier that is able to provide high quality and reliable integrated services to military and civilian customers, taking care of everything needed to help them fly them safely,” remarks Atitech president Gianni Lettieri.

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