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News from Business Air News
Paris inaugurates vertiport testbed at Pontoise
November 11, 2022
The passenger terminal, with its take off and landing areas, passenger terminal, maintenance hangar and control areas, will be used as a testbed for the launch of passenger services during 2024.
More finance puts Volocopter in pole position for certification
November 2, 2022
NEOM and GLy have invested $182m in the second signing of Volocopter's Series E financing round. These funds will be used for aircraft certification and the launch of the first commercial routes.
Italy deploys first vertiport at Fiumicino airport
October 10, 2022
Volocopter's test pilot flew aboard the electric Volocopter 2X at 40 km/h for five minutes at a height of 40 metres along a figure of eight flight path in front of onlookers.
September 29, 2022Volocopter completes deconfliction flight tests
September 8, 2022IQSMS joins Volocopter's UAM ecosystem
July 20, 2022CAE and Vertical partner up on pilot training
July 7, 2022Volocopter expands flight control and battery management cooperation with Diehl
June 16, 2022ADAC Luffrettung honoured for multicopter research study
June 9, 2022Volocopter's four seat eVTOL aircraft takes flight
May 30, 2022Vertiports are a 2024 priority for Volocopter and Jetex
May 19, 2022Volocopter collaborates with Microsoft on VoloIQ cloud project
March 28, 2022Volocopter conducts first crewed eVTOL flight in France
March 24, 2022Eve consortium completes UAM report for UK's CAA
March 10, 2022Hoke to become next Volocopter CEO
March 7, 2022Financing round brings Volocopter a cool $170m
February 17, 2022Volocopter and Skyports boost Seletar AAM journey
February 14, 2022Volocopter nears $1bn financing from ACG
December 20, 2021Volocopter unveils handbook for vertiport construction
December 2, 2021NEOM and Volocopter joint venture will drive bespoke public eVTOL
November 25, 2021Volocopter and Kakao look to bring UAM to South Korea
November 12, 2021Volocopter completes first South Korean eVTOL test
November 5, 2021Airport collaboration will bring air taxis to Rome
October 26, 2021Osaka roundtable demonstrates Volocopter potential in Japan
October 1, 2021Volocopter technology wins approval in China
September 23, 2021Volocopter has an eye on UAM in Los Angeles
July 26, 2021Malaysia Airports signs with Skyports and Volocopter
July 12, 2021Future pilot training in safe hands with CAE and Volocopter
July 11, 2021DG Flugzeugbau acquisition strengthens Volocopter
July 4, 2021Volocopter Le Bourget flight is a first in France
May 21, 2021VoloConnect is the latest eVTOL to join the lineup
May 3, 2021Volocopter 2X goes on display for first time in Shanghai
March 29, 2021Volocopter lays out UAM plans in insightful white paper
March 6, 2021Volocopter raises additional capital of 200 million euros
January 23, 2021UK UAM consortium prepare to play with ideas in Sandbox
January 19, 2021FAA approval means Volocopter could come to America
December 21, 2020ADAC commits to two VoloCity eVTOLs
December 14, 2020Volocopter takes steps to secure UAM in Singapore
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