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Alto sings praises of SM-1070 master controller
The SM-1070 is a module designed with simplicity in mind to link aircraft cabin management system components with various communication protocols. It is compatible with a wide array of existing systems.

Alto Aviation has expanded its cabin solutions product line of systems interfaces and controllers by introducing its new Alto system master controller (SM-1070) at the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) East Connect Conference OEM product information session, which recently took place in Naples, Florida.

The SM-1070 is a module designed with simplicity in mind to link aircraft cabin management system components with various communication protocols. The unit has been engineered in house by Alto Aviation cabin systems engineers to provide wireless remote control of components, via PED or touch screens using the existing Wi-Fi or LAN system on board of the retrofit aircraft.

Interconnectivity between devices provides a more intuitive, flexible, and capable user experience. Devices supported include but are not limited to: Alto Forte amplifiers; Alto Acapella speaker and headphone amplifiers; Alto relay, temperature, cabin call controllers; Rosen Blu-ray players; Innovative Advantage AVDS node; and infrared remote controls. The unit provides control of a variety of digital devices using Alto's Cadence keypads and supports PED-based remote control with iOS or Android operating systems

Alto's master controller also acts as a universal bus translator. The unit provides bus interface connectivity between existing Alto products and products from other manufacturers. RS-485/RS-422, RS-232, ethernet, CAN (controller area network), IR control iInfrared) and ARINC 429 communication protocols are supported.

“Our new system master controller will play an integral part in our CMS offering moving forward as a serial gateway to Alto and non-Alto controlled devices. Also, this system master controller allows PED wireless control and touch screen options to our Cadence cabin management system, enhancing the available offerings to our customers,” explains Kevin Hayes, VP of sales and marketing.

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