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SimCom brings Level 6 PC-12 NGX device onboard
SimCom is the factory approved training provider for the Pilatus PC-12NGX. A new Frasca training device has Primus Apex and has been built with Pilatus components to offer a realistic training experience.
The first training session with the new FTD was held in September at the SimCom Training facility in Scottsdale.

SimCom Aviation Training in Scottsdale, Arizona has taken delivery of a Frasca built Pilatus PC-12 NGX Level 6 flight training device (FTD). The FTD features a Honeywell Primus Apex avionics system and visual system with Frasca's 220 degree spherical display system and is the first PC-12 NGX FTD in service. The first training session with the new FTD was held September 5 at the SimCom Training facility in Scottsdale.

SimCom is the exclusive factory approved training provider for the new Pilatus PC-12NGX. The new Frasca built PC-12NGX training device is built with Pilatus aircraft components and offers an extremely realistic training experience.

The company provides advanced aviation training to professional pilots, owner-operators, Part 135 operators and maintenance personnel operating in general aviation, regional, military, government and cargo operations around the world. SimCom currently operates 45 simulators representative of a wide range of jet, turboprop and piston powered aircraft and will expand its market presence to include several premium business class aircraft types.

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, SimCom also operates two training centres. Additional training centres are located in Arizona and in-aircraft training at TSI in Camarillo, California.

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