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Aerion and Jetex combine seamlessly on air and ground
As a preferred partner, Jetex will collaborate with Aerion to provide travel arrangements for Aerion's AS2 business jet customers at its private terminals – all in the name of efficiency, convenience and luxury.
Aerion's AS2 is set to take to the skies in 2025.

Aerion Supersonic and trip support provider Jetex have signed a strategic partnership which aligns the two companies in delivering a luxury travel experience to their customers.

Aerion CEO, Tom Vice says: “We desire to bring humanity closer by reducing the time and inconvenience experienced in today's transportation networks. We also believe air travel must be an exciting, enjoyable, efficient and luxurious experience once again. For our supersonic business jet customers, we aim to craft a truly memorable, ultra-luxury travel experience that fully integrates with our customers' needs and lifestyles.

“The ultimate luxury is time and this partnership is a key step to help us realise our vision, allowing us to give even more time back to our customers. As an internationally recognised leader in the executive aviation industry with a network of locations at leading travel hubs around the world, Jetex is expertly positioned to ensure we collectively deliver an all-encompassing supersonic experience.”

Adel Mardini, founder and CEO of Jetex, adds: “Since the retirement of the Concorde in 2003, the world has been eagerly waiting to return to the supersonic skies. Two decades later, we look forward to welcoming the first passengers travelling aboard the AS2 at Jetex's private jet terminals around the world. To celebrate this special occasion, we will unveil a brand-new suite of services tailored specially for the launch of the AS2. After all, this will be a class beyond the traditional private jet travel, and we look forward to working closely with Aerion to ensure a truly exceptional experience at all our international locations.”

Jetex delivers flight support solutions across the world. It operates its own extensive international network of more than 35 private terminals, as well as offering aircraft fuelling, ground handling, global trip planning and concierge services. The company caters to both owners and operators of business jets for corporate, commercial and personal air travel. By 2025, Jetex aims to operate more than 50 private jet terminals.

As a preferred partner, Jetex will collaborate with Aerion to provide personalised travel arrangements for Aerion's AS2 business jet customers at its private terminals. The partnership will ensure that the passengers travelling around the world at supersonic speeds in the air also enjoy a comfortable experience on the ground.

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