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Flexible insurance ahoy for pilots using Starr
Pilots have reported lack of flexibility in insurance, sometimes paying for cover they didn't require. Starr Insurance Companies has established a way for pilots to pay for coverage based on when they are flying.

Starr Insurance Companies has launched Starr Gate, a general aviation policy providing pilots who rent aircraft with flexibility for their insurance needs through ‘high-definition underwriting’ and usage-based pricing with a tool that can also improve a pilot's skills.

Pilots have reported a lack of flexibility in their insurance coverage, sometimes paying for coverage they didn't require. Starr has established a way for pilots to pay for coverage based on when they are flying. The programme includes the ability to access CloudAhoy, a popular third-party, cloud-based pilot analytics tool, for a potential discount on the premium.

“This product is a significant innovation for Starr,” says Maurice R. Greenberg, chairman and CEO. “For the thousands of pilots around the US, it's a smarter way to get coverage. We're leveraging technology to enhance safety and tailor coverage to match the market's actual needs.”

Senior VP Jim Anderson adds: “Starr Gate is better aligned with a pilot's skills and flight time. With CloudAhoy data, we can write coverage in high definition. It's customised insurance that can make you a better pilot.”

Starr Gate customers get personalised access to CloudAhoy scoring, at no additional cost, that can help them become better pilots by matching their performance, from wheels up to wheels down post-flight, with thousands of other pilots.

“Giving pilots the flexibility to buy on-demand coverage could not have come at a better time as we begin to emerge from this public health crisis,” Anderson continues. “Qualified pilots can obtain coverage for when they fly. If you're not flying now, apply for the coverage you need when you do start to fly again.”

Starr Gate is available now directly to pilots through a convenient iPad app, accessible in the Apple App Store, as well as through insurance brokers.

“Using data-driven technology to provide quantitative, objective feedback to pilots has always been part of our vision,” said Chuck Shavit, the creator and CEO of CloudAhoy. “We are delighted to see it used in a positive way to reward pilots, and to promote safety and proficiency.”

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