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Latest version links AMSTAT and customer data
Clients using AMSTAT's Salesforce 3.1 app can now map individual aircraft tracked in that system with their own data seamlessly, saving time and admin.

AMSTAT has made its Salesforce version 3.1 available to sales professionals and CRM administrators.

The AMSTAT for Salesforce app, which streamlines the workload for aviation sales professionals and CRM administrators working with both AMSTAT and Salesforce, was first released in January 2019. Version 2.0 was released in September 2019 and was designed to enhance the experience of clients with existing Salesforce implementations that already include large databases of clients and sales opportunities. Version 3.1 provides customers with the choice of using their own aircraft object or using one provided by AMSTAT. As in previous releases, it continues to let users access their AMSTAT saved searches from within Salesforce and create accounts, contacts and aircraft records together with just a few clicks.

“Version 3.1 was developed with the active participation of our clients, and we thank them for partnering with us. We understand that some clients already have developed their business logic around a custom aircraft object; others have been working to decide on which fields are important to them. By working with a cross section of our users, we’ve identified the information that’s most valuable to any business as well as how to map that information into an existing business flow,” says Kit Tankhiwale, AMSTAT senior product innovator. “Our API has also been enhanced during this process and can be used by any tech-savvy client to feed AMSTAT data into their CRM and business infrastructure.”

For those clients who have already implemented a custom aircraft object, a one-time mapping allows clients to associate and synchronise AMSTAT data with their existing object. Not only does this allow users to identify any changes and update their Salesforce record, but it also allows any existing reports, campaigns and dashboards to continue working as is.

For those clients who choose to use the AMSTAT custom aircraft object, the installation will create this for them and perform the necessary mappings automatically. Users who choose this option can start creating aircraft records in their system right away and add any reports and dashboards as needed.

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