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Suzuyo signs on the line for AW139 sim
Leonardo is to send the first AW139 Full Flight Simulator to Japan which, combined with its E-Learning and procedural trainer capabilities, will maximise safety and operational effectiveness in the region.
Leonardo signs the contract with Suzuyo for establishing comprehensive AW139 training capabilities in Japan.

Suzuyo & Co of Japan has agreed to purchase an AW139 Level D full flight simulator (FFS) from Leonardo. It will be manufactured by Leonardo in collaboration with CAE and installed at the company's facilities in Mount Fuji Shizuoka airport, to be operated by its subsidiary Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation (SACC). The contract marks the introduction of the first AW139 FFS in Japan which will further enhance safety and operation training effectiveness.

Leonardo will provide Suzuyo with its briefing and debriefing capabilities and additional training aids such as e-Learning, to support ground training delivery, and the ETD Lite-5 advanced procedural trainer capable of being reconfigurable to support both AW139 and AW109 GrandNew helicopters.

With around 60 AW139s in service in Japan today performing law enforcement, search and rescue over land and sea, fire-fighting and electronic newsgathering roles, the provision of pilot training services combining a FFS, other training tools and distance learning capabilities at SACC will further reinforce the level of service provided to existing and future operators of the helicopter.

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Marc Parent inducted as Living Legend of Aviation
January 16, 2024
Joining previous inductees Buzz Aldrin and Tom Cruise, CAE CEO Marc Parent is recognised again for his exceptional and lifelong contribution to aviation.
Test of all-SAF heli flight shows Jet AI-equivalence
December 11, 2023
The first wholly SAF-powered flight of an AW139 with PT6C-67C engines has taken place at Leonardo's facility in Italy. Tests showed no significant differences with the new fuel compared to the use of Jet A1.
ADA AW139 makes first SAF flight in UAE
December 5, 2023
The first, and second, SAF-powered rotorcraft flight in the UAE and Middle East have been undertaken by Abu Dhabi Aviation’s AW139 commercial helicopter.