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Goldeck-Flug goes for gold with SET IMC approval
Last month, the first SET-IMC PC-12 NG was handed over to Goldeck-Flug at Pilatus' base in Buochs, Switzerland, and used to carry out the approval process at Austro Control.
Austro Control was happy to issue a SET AOC to Goldeck-Flug.
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The Austrian aviation authority Austro Control has granted Goldeck-Flug a single engine turbine air operator's certificate (SET-IMC AOC) for the Pilatus PC-12 NG, approving it for the commercial transport of passengers for aircraft with one engine. Goldeck-Flug is now the first Austrian operator to be able to offer the aircraft commercially.

In January 2019, the first aircraft of this type was handed over to Goldeck-Flug at Pilatus' base in Buochs, Switzerland, and used to carry out the approval process at Austro Control.

“We are really excited to be the first in Austria to offer our customers a real game-changer with Austro Control's commercial operations clearance. Thanks to the versatility and efficiency of the PC-12 NG, we can bring our customers closer to their destination and save them time,” states Goldeck-Flug CEO Gerald Horn-Sachernegg. “Thanks go also to Austro Control for its excellent cooperation; it is one of the few European authorities actively supporting this innovative approach, so that we can offer commercial passenger air transport for single engine airplanes. With the approval, we can now fly commercially.”

Austro Control MD Valerie Hackl adds: “Austro Control, as the Austrian aviation authority, is a reliable partner of the Austrian aviation industry in supporting innovative solutions from aviation companies and accompanying them in terms of safety regulations. In professional cooperation with Goldeck-Flug, the first SET-powered aircraft was approved for commercial flight operations in Austria.”

The PC-12 NG can take off and land on very short and even unpaved runways. It has a cabin with a larger volume than most turboprops and mid-sized business aircraft. The seats and the interior, as well as the possibility of access to the luggage compartment during flight, are considered to be its strong assets. At the beginning of January, Goldeck-Flug took delivery of its second PC-12 NG.

When flying with the newest Pilatus PC-12 NG from Goldeck-Flug the flight time is about one hour from Vienna to Innsbruck. Over a distance of 400 km, the total consumption is 280 litres. With eight passengers it uses less than nine litres per passenger per 100 km while travelling five times as fast as a car.

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