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RUAG achieves cost savings by maximising Lineage visit
Upgrading, refreshing, and customising an Embraer Lineage required additional support from RUAG's specialist teams for MRO, component MRO, engineering and aircraft painting. The customer flew away happy.
Downtime was optimised on the Lineage by ensuring ADS-B Out and FANS compliance as part of the work.

RUAG has completed an MRO inspection on an Embraer Lineage that included full exterior painting and avionics upgrades during the aircraft's M4 or 48-month inspection. The customer chose to optimise the MRO downtime to ensure ADS-B Out and FANS compliance, implement a new livery, complete with full exterior repainting and refurbish the cabin interior. RUAG's Embraer authorised service centre at Munich-Oberpfaffenhofen provided the one-stop shop support, enabling the customer to save on both time and costs. The project was completed on schedule and to full customer satisfaction.

Looking to achieve a full aircraft refurbishment after a recent purchase, this Embraer Lineage customer contacted the RUAG one-stop shop in Munich. Optimising the 48-month heavy maintenance visit downtime to coincide with additional aircraft services allowed the customer to realise time and cost savings. At the same time, they chose to implement upgrades set to reflect their individual image, enhance their comfort, resolve Embraer Service Bulletins (SBs) and ensure compliance with EASA and the FAA's 2020 mandate for ADS-B Out and FANS.

“The choices our customer made for optimising the downtime succeeded in personalising their aircraft while also enhancing performance and safeguarding accuracy in controlled airspace,” states Christian Karl, head of sales business jets, RUAG MRO International. “Customers count on our expert teams and one-stop shop capabilities to fulfil these services reliably and promptly.”

Upgrading, refreshing, and customising the aircraft required additional support from RUAG's specialist teams for MRO, component MRO, engineering and aircraft painting. Engineering know-how supported with integrating avionics upgrades, cabin modifications and installations and the design changes related to the new livery.

This project also saw RUAG's dedicated aircraft painting team achieve another milestone with the welcoming of its first Embraer Lineage. In-house specialists developed and designed the new livery, in accordance with the customer's vision and image, produced the required design masks and completed the full exterior repainting. “Precision aircraft painting, including the technical support for design and engineering, is a core capability within our one-stop shop services,” says Karl.

“We believe our one-stop shop approach to aircraft MRO and upgrades provides our customers with a sustainable strategic advantage,” adds Markus Frötschl, general manager business jets. “Making the most out of one single downtime allows our customers to explore options that are meant to enhance reliability, performance, and safety while preserving profitability.”

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