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Phenoms and Gulfstreams gain Concorde battery STC
Phenom 300 operators may now install higher capacity Concorde batteries with an FAA STC, while Gulfstream G350 and G450 folk now have a second battery option available by using Concorde STC ST00890DE.

Embraer Phenom 300 operators may now install higher capacity Concorde batteries in the Phenom 300 with FAA approved STC SA00959DE and EASA ESTC 10072168 Rev. 1. These new STCs provide for an option between an RG-390E 28 Ah or RG-390E/30 30 Ah auxiliary battery and an RG-380E/44 42 Ah, RG-380E/60L 48 Ah or RG-380E/53L 53 Ah main starting battery, permitting operators the option to cater battery capacities to unique operational requirements for optimised performance.

STC SA00959DE is an upgrade from Concorde STC SA01703WI which installed only the RG-380E/44 (42 Ah) main and RG-390E (28 Ah) auxiliary batteries. SA00959DE now provides operators with the option to increase Concorde battery capacity up to 53 Ah. SA01703WI holders may upgrade to SA00959DE free of charge by contacting Concorde directly for the STC paperwork.

Favoured for critical operations and preferred by global airframe manufacturers as an original equipment supplier, Concorde also supplies certified batteries to civilian, business and military markets.

Furthermore, Gulfstream G350 and G450 operators now have a second battery option available by using Concorde STC ST00890DE. The FAA STC approves installation of Concorde's Platinum Series RG-380E/46L sealed lead acid batteries in place of original equipment lead acid batteries.

This installation does not apply to Gulfstream ASC 069 aircraft equipped with nickel cadmium batteries.

The upgrade to Concorde's RG-380E/46L (24V, 46Ah) valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries offers Gulfstream operators the reliability of a proven Concorde battery. The RG-380E/46L has been trusted as a robust and reliable battery by the United States Air Force having served as the main power supply on the C130 for the last five years.

The RG-380E/46L is a fully sealed lead acid battery. No additional maintenance is required beyond periodic capacity checks to assure airworthiness. Concorde batteries do not require re-blocking and do not require any internal maintenance. STC ST00890DE employs a battery tray insert that couples with the existing battery tray to accommodate the RG-380E/46L batteries without modification to the airframe so batteries can be used interchangeably.

Also included with the STC are temperature sensors to mount on each battery. Concorde's temperature sensors are external components that are transferable from one battery to the next, reducing battery replacement costs.

Gulfstream G350 and G450 operators will be supported by Concorde’s worldwide distribution network stocking batteries globally.

Finally, Concorde Battery Corporation is presenting FAA STC SA00944DE for the installation of higher capacity sealed lead acid batteries, the RG-380E/60L (24V,48Ah) or RG-380E/53L (24V, 53Ah), in place of the original equipment lead acid or nickel cadmium battery on Textron Aviation's 525C.

Concorde developed STC SA00944DE specifically for Cessna Citation CJ4 operators based on reports of higher ITT (interstage turbine temperature) on start than experienced on other CJ models. These heavy duty battery options provide increased reserve capacity and improved outrush current at start. Starting power and efficiency is increased by 20-40% over the original equipment batteries which has effectively reduced ITT on start. Additionally, the higher capacity options reduce the depth of discharge which in turn increases overall battery life.

Concorde's sealed lead acid batteries are the economical solution with a lower cost of acquisition, reduced maintenance requirements and Hazmat Exempt shipping. Concorde batteries never require water replenishment and there is no threat of thermal runaway. At the end of life, the lead acid battery is 100% recyclable.

Concorde Battery Corporation is recognised and respected worldwide as the manufacturer of premium valve regulated sealed lead acid aircraft batteries. For over 40 years Concorde has supplied stateside and foreign militaries, Concorde is preferred by airframe manufacturers for original equipment installations and it is chosen for business and general aviation aircraft of all types with hundreds of FAA and international certifications.

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