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Qatar Executive celebrates circumnavigation speed record
Earlier in 2019 a G650ER landed at Cape Canaveral, from where it had taken off 46 hours, 39 minutes and 38 seconds earlier. Qatar Exec held a private showing of a documentary of the interim pole-to-pole adventure.
The One More Orbit team got back together with Qatar Executive for a showing of a documentary filmed during their pole-to-pole world circumnavigation.
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Together with the One More Orbit team, Qatar Executive celebrated setting a world speed record for any aircraft flying over the North and South poles with a private screening of the One More Orbit documentary in Doha.

The documentary captured all the drama, excitement and challenges of the entire mission, from planning through to execution and, finally, the successful touchdown at Cape Canaveral, the home of NASA. It was directed by NASA astronaut and former International Space Staion commander Terry Virts, one of the team members on board the Gulfstream G650ER during the mission. A film crew was assembled from a number of countries around the world who live-streamed the entire event, working with Inmarsat and SD to reposition satellites specifically for the mission.

EVP Ettore Rodaro said of the mission: “Thanks to the Qatar Airways network around the globe, were we able to prepare every fuel stop efficiently and swiftly, a major component in breaking world speed records. We wrote history during that mission, something that will remain in the books for a long time. It is an exciting feeling to have mastered the challenge through excellent teamwork and using first-class equipment.”

“One More Orbit is so much more than just a world record," added Virts. "It is an adventure unlike any other. Celebrating Apollo's 50th and Magellan's 500th anniversaries, we did something that had never been done before, with an amazing international crew. There has also never been a documentary made like this before and we hope viewers will laugh, feel the tension of crossing the South Pole in the Antarctic winter, and be inspired.”

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