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Cirrus selects Flightdocs for warranty aircraft management
Flightdocs has partnered with Cirrus Aircraft for provision of flight operations and maintenance management services. The OEM will use the platform to support Vision Jets in its warranty and ownership programme.
Having worked together on the testing phase, Cirrus is currently managing its day-to-day flight schedule using Flightdocs Enterprise.

Flightdocs is to provide flight operations and maintenance management support to Cirrus Aircraft with the full suite of products and services offered under its flagship Flightdocs Enterprise. The product includes Fd | Operations, an integrated module that aims to streamline key functions including flight scheduling, crew management, flight logs and interdepartmental communication.

“We are always working to enhance the products and services offered to our customers,” says Cirrus senior vice president, services and business development Ravi Dharnidharka. “We chose Flightdocs based on its ability to further enhance the way we support our customers and fleet. Its focus on technology and support is perfectly aligned with our mission to provide a world-class experience throughout the lifetime of ownership.”

Flightdocs launched its new "Fd | Operations" platform in August, following an extensive four-month beta programme with 15 flight departments, including Cirrus Aircraft flight operations. On 1 September, 2019 the system at Cirrus Aircraft went live and is currently managing its day-to-day flight schedule. Over 100 aircraft, 200 pilots and multiple flight simulators are now utilising the platform.

“We were grateful to have a partner like Cirrus Aircraft as we moved towards the completion of the new platform,” notes Flightdocs chief technology officer Kent Pickard. “With such a high volume of flight activity, aircraft and crew members, we were able to get extremely valuable feedback from their team. On day one, we knew the platform was able to support operations of any size, and we look forward to working closely with Cirrus Aircraft on future enhancements.”

In 2018, Flightdocs spun up a new arm of its product development team called Flightdocs Custom Development Solutions or CDS. The team is dedicated to delivering software based on the requirements of OEMs and robust Part 91, 121 and 135 operators. Cirrus engaged CDS on a contract to develop key features, integrated within Fd | Operations, that enhanced critical business functions within their operation.

As part of the agreement, the OEM will utilise the Flightdocs Enterprise maintenance platform to support all Vision Jet aircraft enrolled in Jetstream, a comprehensive warranty and ownership programme. “As the worldwide fleet of Vision Jets continues to grow, we needed a platform that would give us real-time insight into the maintenance status of the entire fleet,” explains executive director, customer support Travis Klumb. “Our customer service and engineering teams are able to utilise the intuitive dashboards and detailed reporting within Flightdocs to better support our customers and enhance the overall ownership experience.”

Flightdocs president Greg Heine adds: “Over the last year we've worked closely with its team to analyse its needs as an organisation and execute on delivering an end-to-end solution that can effectively streamline several key processes and provide real-time data on its fleet and business. We're looking forward to collaborating with its team far into the future.”

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