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First VIP Falcon 7X goes Down Under
The latest high-flying bird to grace the skies over Australia's sunburnt land is neither Kookaburra nor Cockatoo but a species of Falcon. The 7X has been adopted by the RAAF for long range government missions.
Australia has received its first VIP Falcon 7X from Dassault Aviation.

The Commonwealth of Australia has taken delivery of the first of three long range Dassault Falcon 7X trijets to be operated by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) for government VIP service. The other two aircraft will be handed over in the following months. The VIP units are being delivered with the latest connectivity solutions, intended to provide seamless access to high-speed broadband data anywhere in the world.

“We are extremely honoured that Australia has once again demonstrated its confidence in the Falcon product line,” says Dassault Aviation chairman and CEO Eric Trappier. “The RAAF already has decades of successful experience operating Dassault aircraft, from the Mirage III fighter to the Falcon 20 and Falcon 900 business jets.”

The Falcon 7X offers a combination of range and operational flexibility. Its 5,950 nm range means it can fly nonstop from Canberra to any point in Asia, or link Canberra to Washington or London in one hop. It can land on short and challenging runways and operate across a wide range of environmental conditions, including extremely hot, humid and dry desert climates. The aircraft's three-engine design provides an additional safety margin, freeing operators from twin-engine operating constraints when flying intercontinental, transoceanic routes. More than 280 have been delivered worldwide.

Australia has been a key Falcon market for almost half a century. Dassault's first business jet, the Falcon 20, entered commercial service 'down under' in 1967, two years after its global entry into service. The Falcon 20 entered the inventory of the RAAF the same year, under the name Mystère 20, and served in the RAAF's transport and utility wing for 22 years before being replaced by the Falcon 900. The five-aircraft Falcon 900 fleet remained in operation throughout the early 2000s. More than 120 Falcon aircraft, including over 50 Falcon 7Xs, are currently flying with public and private operators in Australia and other Asia-Pacific countries.

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October 25, 2022
Pauline Annen is well known to Dassault operators and highly respected for her knowledge and experience. She now leads the support team helping pilots and flight departments get the most out of their Falcon aircraft.
Dassault to build major maintenance facility in Florida
October 24, 2022
The facility will accommodate all current Falcon models and will be accommodate major maintenance and modifications on up to 18 aircraft simultaneously, for customers across North and South America and beyond.
Fourth-gen EASy flight deck will enhance new and in-service Falcons
October 24, 2022
Dassault's fourth generation of the EASy flight deck has more vivid displays, more processing power, new capabilities and safety features that bring a new level of situational awareness and flight planning ease.