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AMAC sees high demand for connectivity and craftsmanship
AMAC Aerospace has successfully installed a Ka-band system on a BBJ B737-800. It is now expecting a head of state ACJ319 at its facility in Basel, Switzerland for a cabin refurbishment and reconfiguration.
AMAC Aerospace is seeing demand for its cabin refurbishment expertise.
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Swiss maintenance provider AMAC Aerospace was recently named by Honeywell as its key partner for the Jet Wave flagship product and will open its hangar doors at Basel over the coming months for a series of Ka-band projects. The Jet Wave Ka-band antenna is in high demand as it provides full connectivity on board all aircraft.

AMAC has recently completed the installation of a Ka-band system on a BBJ Boeing B737-800, and will soon welcome an ACJ Airbus A319 for a cabin refurbishment and a partial cabin reconfiguration. The team will install a novel VIP bedroom in the head of state aircraft and replace all business class seats with new ones. A C4-Check will also be performed.

“We are very proud to have been awarded a project of this magnitude from a long-term customer,” says director completion sales and key account management Eric Hoegen. “Our teams are really looking forward to this ACJ319 modification. Having been selected shows the customer's appreciation for our engineering and workmanship qualities that have led us, over the last few years, to become the leading completion centre for large VIP aircraft.”

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