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Duncan Aviation
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Duncan Aviation
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Duncan Aviation
FBO/Handler (Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International / Kalamazoo)

Duncan Aviation
FBO/Handler (Provo Municipal / Provo)

Lincoln Airport

Battle Creek (Battle Creek Executive at Kellogg Field) Airport

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Airport

Provo Municipal Airport

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Duncan Aviation introduces FBO services calculator
Whether it's a short hop or a longer trip across state lines, Duncan Aviation's latest app will allow operators to see the charges and fees at any of its FBO facilities while they are filling up with fuel.
Duncan Aviation has launched its FBO Services Calculator.

US business jet support facility Duncan Aviation has recently introduced an FBO Services Calculator website app that allows operators to easily see its complete service charges and fees when stopping at a Duncan Aviation FBO facility for transient fuel services.

The Services Calculator enables operators to select the Duncan Aviation FBO facility they will stop at, the aircraft type, fuel type, gallons needed and whether overnight parking is required. The calculator will then provide users with the price per gallon for fuel, any overnight storage fees and whether the minimum fuel requirement will be met to waive the ramp fees. They are also able to notify the facility that they will be stopping and make service requests as needed for things like catering, meeting rooms and crew cars.

“The FBO Services Calculator is a great way for operators to know their final fuel service costs when planning for a trip,” says Lincoln, Nebraska FBO services manager Troy Hyberger. “It's also another way for them to let us know their plans and help ensure the quickest service possible upon their arrival.”

The calculator was created in response to customer requests and the nationwide Know Before You Go campaign launched by NATA, AOPA and other industry organisations.

“We agree that transparency in pricing is important in FBO services,” adds Hyberger. “We have listed our fuel prices and potential ramp fees on the internet for some time. This app takes that even further by allowing operators to calculate their exact invoice when they stop at a Duncan aviation facility for line service.”

Duncan Aviation offers FBO services at its facilities in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, Michigan; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Provo, Utah. The Lincoln location has IS-BAH Stage I accreditation, and IS-BAH accreditation is underway at the other locations.

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