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More Learjets arrive on fleet in Dortmund
Heron is already well-versed with the Learjet 60, and a second unit is arriving to be based out of Dortmund with good charter availability. A privately operated LR35A has also come under its management.
Corey Bothwell studied economics in the US.
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German operator Heron Aviation's managed fleet has expanded with the addition of a Learjet 60 and a Learjet 35A. This is the second LR60 that Heron has taken under management and the aircraft will also be available for charter, while the Learjet 35A is to be used exclusively on a private basis. The LR60 is popular in Europe for fast hops over short distances, and Heron's aircraft will be positioned in Dortmund.

“The clients approached us in order to take their respective Learjets onto our AOC, and both owners can now profit from the synergies we have concerning crew, maintenance and administration,” says sales and marketing manager Christina Guenes. “Both jets are performing wonderfully and we are more than satisfied. The Learjet 60 is available for both private and charter operations, so we have many opportunities for charter clients who have a particular taste for the Lear’s capabilities.

“The Learjet 35A remains solely for private operations. Together they offer us additional fleet capacity and diversity, as well as excellent performance and operating economics. The Lear 60 is a very capable aircraft at a very agreeable price, and is perfect for any intra-European itineraries.”

The company plans to hire new sales and dispatch staff to accommodate these acquisitions, and will also add to its CAMO team. One such new recruit is Corey Bothwell, who has joined sales and dispatch. Bothwell studied economics at the University of Virginia near to where he grew up. He then began working in sales within business aviation in New York City before moving to Germany. He will use his experience to aid Heron's expansion into new markets and develop relationships across continents. He speaks fluent English and intermediate German and French.

“Corey is a young dynamic person with a polite character,” continues Guenes. “He was quickly incorporated into his tasks and takes excellent care of our customers.

“We are very proud that we have successfully implemented four new aircraft into our company this year. We would like to continue to grow and to bring more customers from the Americas on board. There still exists a large amount of friction between these two markets, and we would like to help to bridge this gap. We will also continue to strive past our yearly targets in charter earnings in order to keep serving our valued clients.”

CAMO team member Crina Sentaru has also joined in the last few weeks.