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Global Jet adds G650 for Mediterranean ad hoc clients
Swiss-headquartered Global Jet Concept has taken delivery of a Gulfstream G650 which will be immediately available for charter.
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Swiss-headquartered Global Jet Concept has taken delivery of a Gulfstream G650 which will be immediately available for charter. One of the few with regular ad hoc availability in Europe, it will have multiple bases in the summer across popular Mediterranean destinations.

The 14-passenger jet has a range of 7,000 nm with a top speed of Mach 0.925. Onboard features include wi-fi, 16 panoramic windows, a two-sided forward galley and a cabin with two facing divans.

Bjorn Naberhuis, VP of business development, says that the G650 is a known product for Global Jet: “We have operated a few already and the type has always met our expectations. These types of aircraft are rarely available for charter as the demand is still higher than the supply.

“Our international fleet is growing. Clients from other parts of Europe have been flying on our managed fleet of 25 different models. We pay attention to retaining a small structure, in order for the clients to feel close to the management company and to uphold personal relationships. This is more costly for us as a company, but the clients get what they deserve; we say that we are a tailor-made business but we have to deliver this too.”

Global Jet has a diverse fleet already, so adding the G650 is not set to change that. The operator has secured non-ETOPS 180, CAT II landing minimas and Wyvern Wingman approval for the latest jet.

It is also opening a brokerage office in Spain as European expansion continues, despite a number of challenges. “We face fewer parking possibilities at airports, more slot-related delays and tricky peak periods at popular destinations,” Naberhuis continues. “We are focusing on keeping clients informed and suggesting alternative solutions if situations get out of hand. We also need to stick to our primary principles of managing aircraft. This is the way forward for us and it is our strong suit.

“We believe that safety and quality are going to become even more important in this growing market. It may not necessarily be easier in the future, but it will certainly be more interesting.”

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