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CAE and Vertical partner up on pilot training
CAE's 700MXR flight simulator will revolutionise flight training for complex urban settings with a compact mini-motion platform and 360⁰ field of view visuals. Vertical Aerospace will be a pilot training partner.
Vertical Aerospace deputy CEO Harry Holt with CAE president and CEO Marc Parent.
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CAE has launched its newest advancement in pilot training, the CAE 700MXR flight simulator. Initially targeted at the eVTOL market, the CAE 700MXR will revolutionise flight training for complex urban settings with a compact mini-motion platform and 360⁰ field of view visuals that deliver high-fidelity, physics-based simulation tailored to single-pilot operations.

CAE's next-generation immersive synthetic out-the-window environment combined with a mixed reality head mounted display and real cockpit controls and instrumentation will enable pilots to take advantage of enhanced 3D perception and AI-based digital capabilities to fully engage in realistic, low-level flying scenarios.

“The CAE 700MXR's ultra-realistic simulation bridges the gap between the physical and virtual worlds to deliver an unrivalled training experience for future eVTOL pilots,” says civil group president Nick Leontidis. “CAE is leading the way, developing advanced technologies and setting the training standard for the eVTOL market, and our innovative approach will ensure faster, more efficient training for pilots."

CAE will be the pilot training partner for Vertical Aerospace's launch VX4 eVTOL aircraft. CAE will design and develop a training programme and be the exclusive training device provider, tailoring the high-fidelity, next-generation flight simulation training device for the VX4 aircraft. The innovative pilot training programme will leverage advanced technologies including mixed reality and artificial intelligence to enhance the learning experience and will help shift the training paradigm toward cost-effectiveness and scalability, while ensuring safety is paramount for Vertical and its operators.

Advanced air mobility (AAM) is expected to drive unprecedented demand for qualified, professionally trained pilots for inner-city and regional electric flights. Additionally, because CAE currently provides training products and services to many of Vertical's industry-leading customer base, a smoother integration of new AAM pilot training programmes into their training portfolios is anticipated.

Upon the signing of a definitive agreement, Vertical and CAE will start working together three years ahead of the VX4's targeted entry into service in 2025, a critical step towards making safe eVTOL flights a reality.

Vertical deputy CEO Harry Holt says: “Vertical has built its commercial ecosystem with customers, regulators and infrastructure partners to enable AAM and ensure we have partnerships in place to introduce safer, cleaner and quieter mobility for everyone. Bringing CAE into our unrivalled ecosystem is a key enabler to solve the training requirement for our customers as we prepare for the VX4's entry into service.”

CAE group president, civil aviation Nick Leontidis adds: “CAE's longstanding training relationships with top-tier airlines and operators is a key differentiator for us as they expand into eVTOL operations with Vertical. They know they can count on CAE for advanced training as they venture into this new market. We are excited to join Vertical's ecosystem and work hand in hand to build the aviation workforce of the future.”

This comes following Vertical's recent announcement of progress in its certification process for the VX4, with EASA agreeing to concurrently validate the UK CAA's certification of the VX4 and the adoption of SC-VTOL as the certification basis for the aircraft. Vertical expects to reach several critical certification milestones in the coming months, as the VX4's test flight programme begins in summer 2022.

CAE is already working with Volocopter on developing, certifying and deploying a pilot training programme for operating its electric air taxi leveraging mixed reality, in support of the launch of Volocopter's anticipated UAM services for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, France.

“Pilots will play a pivotal role in launching electric air taxi services,” says Volocopter CCO Christian Bauer. “We must ensure that the simulators for this new aircraft conform with the highest-quality pilot training in aviation.”

“We look forward to working with the Volocopter team to ensure its pilots receive industry-leading training in the classroom and on the CAE700MXR simulator,” adds Leontidis. “Volocopter is a valued partner, and CAE will be there every step of the way to support its entry into service.”

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