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Nolinor unveils branded 737-400
Originally operating between Canada and Cuba, the aircraft now serves the mining industry and is consequently being refitted with more robust seating.
The Boeing 737-400 is now increasingly serving Fly-In Fly-Out contracts for the mining industry.
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Nolinor Aviation has introduced its first Boeing 737-400, finished in the company’s distinctive livery. Nolinor says this is a pivotal addition to the fleet; the Boeing 737-400, originally added under the OWG brand for flights to Cuba, is now increasingly serving Fly-In Fly-Out contracts for the mining industry.

The rebranding demonstrates a strategic realignment with the company’s core mission to be the premier gateway to Canada’s northern regions. This aircraft, the first in the fleet to undergo such a transformation, will soon be joined by a second to further solidify Nolinor’s presence in the sector.

“The introduction of the 737-400 with the Nolinor livery is more than a visual update; it’s a clear signal of our unwavering dedication to serving the North,” says president Marco Prud’Homme. “This aircraft, and the ones that will follow, are equipped to meet the unique demands of our clients in the mining sector, offering them a more tailored and resilient travel experience.”

In addition to the rebranding, the interior of this 737-400 is set for a significant upgrade. Over the coming weeks, it will be refitted with more robust seating designed to meet the needs of passengers travelling to mining sites.

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