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Sirius unveils hydrogen-powered eVTOL aircraft
There will be two models, a Business Jet for private aviation and a shorter range Millennium Jet for commercial uses.
The Sirius Aviation Business Jet.

Switzerland-based aviation startup Sirius Aviation has unveiled its Sirius Jet, a hydrogen-powered aircraft crafted and designed in collaboration with BMW's Designworks and Sauber Group.

The Sirius Jet is a high-performance, zero-emission VTOL aircraft propelled by a hydrogen-electric propulsion system. Leveraging jet aerodynamics with aircraft and helicopter versatility, it achieves extended flight distances, impressive speeds and high altitudes at near-silent levels.

In 2025, the Sirius Jet will take flight in two versions: the Business Jet for private aviation and the Sirius Millennium Jet for commercial aviation.

The Sirius Business Jet will feature a 1,150 mile flight range, cruise speed of 323 mph, altitude capability of 30,000ft, ultra-quiet noise levels of 60dBa and will accommodate three passengers.

The Sirius Millennium Jet will offer a 650 mile flight range, cruise speed of 323 mph, altitude capability of 30,000ft, sound footprint of 60dBa and will accommodate up to five passengers.

Sirius Aviation has already established partnerships with BMW Group's DesignWorks, Formula 1 designer Sauber Group, Alfleth Engineering and ALD Group.

The company is to host an event at Payerne airport in Switzerland on 17 January, unveiling the aircraft's hydrogen-electric ducted fan propulsion system with the first public inaugural ignition.

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