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Spectrum and Aloft plan next-gen lighting and wireless connectivity
It's not magic, but it's not far off. The two companies aim to expand data communications capabilities onboard through LED lighting systems in the cabin.

Spectrum Networks and US business jet completion centre Aloft AeroArchitects have entered into discussions on a supply agreement for cabin lighting and wireless connectivity. By creating a lighting product ecosystem, Spectrum and Aloft will benefit from the modular product design which simplifies installations, reduces aircraft downtime and more effectively manages parts obsolescence and lead times, while keeping clients safe from invisible threats like viruses and data security breaches.

Spectrum's direct lighting products would serve as the baseline for cabin illumination and are comprised of the latest generation LED technology that provides an elegant yet power-conscious enhancement to the interior. Further differentiation comes from Spectrum's patent-pending Far-UVC sanitisation and light fidelity (LiFi) capabilities.

Far-UVC continues to become more prevalent in both commercial and residential spaces, based on its proven ability to neutralise infectious diseases and pathogens safely and effectively in occupied spaces. Influenza and bacterially-based airborne-mediated diseases are increasingly emerging in multi-drug resistant form. Transmission can be prevented by deactivation of the airborne pathogens, and the efficacy of ultraviolet (UV) light has long been established. However, conventional UVC light sources are a human health hazard, but far-UVC light (far because it uses 222 nanometer wavelength range) is generated differently, and efficiently inactivates drug-resistant bacteria and sanitises a flight deck without harm to us.

In addition, Spectrum's LaserLiFi utilises infrared, laser-based components that can be modulated much faster than LED-based LiFi solutions, driving an ultra-fast, secure and RF-free wireless onboard LAN that is poised to enable fully wireless connected cabin management and IFE systems in the near future. Light-Fidelity (LiFi) uses LEDs to realise fully networked wireless systems. Available radio spectrum below 10 GHz is no longer sufficient for current and future demand for wireless data comms. However, it is possible to use higher frequencies above 10 GHz, but this requires a different infrastructure. Given that there is a rising deployment of LED lighting in aircraft because of their energy-efficiency, LiFi cellular deployment has an existing infrastructure to build on. Even better, networks of these LiFi cells have zero interference from, and add zero interference to, radio frequencies.

Aloft has embarked on integrating a new approach to cabin technology that creates future-proof, modular architectures to ensure its customers can adapt their cabins with the pace of technology. The integration of the Spectrum Networks product suite is set to do just that.

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