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NetJets signs for up to 1,500 Cessna Citation jets
NetJets has long availed itself of the Cessna Citation family of aircraft and, having placed a huge order with Textron, is also launch customer for the Citation Ascend.
NetJets will receive up to 1,500 Cessna Citations over the next 15 years.
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NetJets is to purchase up to 1,500 additional Cessna Citation business jets from Textron over the next 15 years. This agreement extends NetJets' existing fleet agreement and includes options for an increasing number of aircraft each year, enabling NetJets to expand its fleet with Cessna Citation Ascend, Citation Latitude and Citation Longitude aircraft.

Equally exciting is that NetJets has been named the fleet launch customer for the Citation Ascend. Deliveries are expected to begin in 2025 when the aircraft, currently under development, enters into service.

NetJets has taken delivery of more than 800 Textron aircraft over the past 40 or so years, and has exercised over 300 options for Citation Latitudes and Longitudes in the past eight. In all it has owned and operated the Citation SII, V, Excel/XLS, Sovereign, X, Latitude and Longitude models.

“As a long-time, trusted ally that shares our commitment to safety and service, Textron is the ideal partner to help us expand our offerings to NetJets owners, with the introduction of the new Ascend to our midsize jet class as well as by growing our overall fleet,” says EVP, aircraft asset management Doug Henneberry. “Based on past demand for the popular Latitude and Longitude, the Ascend and all our new Citations will undoubtedly be well received by our owners.”

“NetJets customers around the world continually select Citations as their aircraft of choice. We're honoured to be their largest provider of industry-leading aircraft and look forward to continuing to work together to design and deliver the best aviation experience based on customer feedback,” says Textron president and CEO Ron Draper.

Since Cessna delivered its first Citation in 1972, it has set the standard in the business jet market, often achieving the most deliveries annually across the business and general aviation industry. More than 30 Citation models have been certified over the line's 50 year history and there are currently six models in production: the Citation M2 Gen2, Citation CJ3+, Citation CJ4 Gen2, Citation XLS Gen2, Citation Latitude and Citation Longitude, with the Citation Ascend under development.

The Citation Ascend is designed to bring an entirely new cockpit, improved performance and a more luxurious flat-floor cabin to the midsize market. Preliminary performance targets indicate a four passenger range of 1,900nm at high-speed cruise power (with an estimated maximum range of 2,100nm), cruise at 441kts and the ability to climb direct to 45,000ft. It will offer PW545D engines designed to deliver fuel efficiency and increased thrust, as well as Garmin G5000 avionics and a Honeywell RE100 [XL] auxiliary power unit approved for unattended operations.

The anticipated Ascend design for NetJets will feature a standard seating configuration for seven passengers, a full refreshment centre and a spacious baggage compartment.

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