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Alexander tasked with expanding Duncan's UK client base
When Leah Alexander joined Duncan Aviation's aircraft sales and acquisitions team five years ago, she expressed that her long-term goal would be to take advantage of the location flexibility. She heads to England.
Leah Alexander looks forward to forming new client relationships.

Duncan Aviation has relocated aircraft sales and acquisitions rep Leah Alexander from Chicago, Illinois, to the southern coast of England to expand its client base in Europe and the Middle East. She will join Tim Barber in representing Duncan Aviation's aircraft sales and acquisitions team in the UK.

“Being in the United Kingdom allows for easily covering a wide span of time zones,” says Alexander. “I can attest that from Chicago, days that begin early with a conference call to India and end late with calls to Hong Kong can grow very long, very quickly.”

Duncan Aviation vice president of sales and marketing Ryan Huss said Alexander's relocation will enhance the team's ability to cover the opportunities in the EMEA region.

“Leah has been working with Tim Barber over the past several years, and the timing for her to return back to England could not have been better,” states Huss. “They have formed a strong duo and naturally complement each other's strengths.”

Huss explained that Alexander brings great energy and drive to the team.

“She does a great job of understanding the market from both the buyer and seller's sides,” said Huss. “Leah is detail-oriented and articulate in both her understanding of the available aircraft as well as in the brokerage agreements she takes part in. We are looking forward to seeing Leah get settled and grow into one of the leading brokers in the region.”

When Alexander joined Duncan Aviation's aircraft sales and acquisitions team five years ago, she expressed that her long-term goal would be to take advantage of the location flexibility. As it happens, her parents are both from Europe and she has both UK and EU citizenships and has conversational comfort in multiple languages.

Barber explained that over the last few years, the number of aircraft acquisitions, sales and inventory opportunities that the Duncan Aviation team has been involved with has grown tremendously, especially in Europe and the Middle East.

“We noted that it would be a strategic advantage for us to have an additional aircraft broker on the other side of the Atlantic in order for us to best facilitate these opportunities,” says Barber. “The growth in our aircraft sales activity overseas coincides with our planned growth in other areas of the company.”

Alexander is also heading up the education committee for the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA) to assist with developing resources and content for the association to ensure certified brokers have a global perspective and understanding. She went on to explain that there aren't many companies with an IADA certified broker based outside of North America.

“I'm looking forward to forming relationships and facilitating the expanding activity of our client base in Europe and the Middle East,” concludes Alexander. “I am excited for this opportunity.”

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