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Cargo pod change on Cessna 208B gains FAA tick
Alteration of the 208B cargo pod allows customers to transfer items only previously able to fit in the cabin to the pod. The STC frees premium space for passengers and optimises shipment configurations.
No fixed partitions and a rear cargo door.
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Aurora State airport, Oregon-based Metal Innovations Inc, a provider of repair, maintenance, modification and manufacturing services for the air carrier, air cargo, corporate and rotor wing markets, has received FAA supplemental type certification (STC) SA02763SE approval for its Cessna 208B Caravan cargo pod alteration addressing the aircraft's cargo size limitations resulting from fixed partitions and adding a rear cargo door for improved loading and unloading.

The STC addresses the limitations of the current cargo pod's fixed dividers, altering them to allow for a value-added flex-use configuration. Adding a rear ramp door and replacing the immobile partitions with easily removable ones will enable owners to keep multiple compartments or transform the space to a never-before free span end-to-end 13.5" H × 32" W × 12'-16' L solution. In addition, the improvement creates a more efficient utilisation of the aircraft by shifting the transportation of long items such as full-dimensional lumber, skis, surfboards and even kayaks from the passenger compartment to the cargo hull where they belong.

"The STC's removable dividers and addition of a rear door provide operators with better cargo hauling and loading efficiency. We are excited to offer customers a product that optimises the transport of all types of cargo, especially the longer lengths associated with building supplies and recreational equipment," says CEO Kim Wilmes.

"Our innovative alteration of the 208B cargo pod allows customers to transfer items only previously able to fit in the cabin to the pod. We strive to develop solutions that improve aircraft use and increase revenues for operators, and this STC achieves both by freeing premium space for passengers and optimising shipment configurations," adds COO Craig Wilmes.

Metal Innovations is currently booking cargo pod upgrade installation time slots. Both onsite and in-house installation options, along with fleet discounts, are available.

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