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Genesys achieves certification of Hindustan-228 cockpit upgrade
The package includes an EFIS upgrade, FMS, synthetic vision, highway-in-the-sky flight symbology, TAWS, ECAS and autopilot and radio upgrades, with all the necessary sensors and interfaces.
The Hindustan-228 light transport aircraft.

Genesys Aerosystems has completed certification of its avionics suite cockpit upgrade for the Hindustan-228 aircraft. Operators will benefit from improvements in mission capabilities and reliability, while the cockpit upgrade also provides for improved long-term product support for the fleet.

The 19-seat HAL Hindustan-228 aircraft is a versatile multi-purpose light transport aircraft. It has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of utility and commuter transport, third level services, air-taxi operations, plus coast guard and maritime surveillance missions.

The Genesys avionics suite provides renewed operational life to aircraft through a complete, comprehensive and affordable cockpit system upgrade to existing fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft. The Genesys avionics suite includes the following system components:

- EFIS glass upgrade: customisable primary and multi-function flight displays

- FMS flight management system

- SVS synthetic vision system

- HITS highway-in-the-sky flight symbology

- TAWS for fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft

- EICAS upgrade

- Autopilot upgrade for helicopter VFR and IFR approved autopilots

- Autopilot upgrade for fixed-wing S-TEC VFR and IFR approved autopilots

- Radios: UHF and VHF navigation and communication aircraft radios

- ADAHRS only upgrade: Legacy attitude source replacements

- Interfaces: includes all necessary interfaces to get the aircraft up and flying

- Sensors: includes all necessary sensors to get the aircraft up and flying.

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