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Fly Air engages with offsetting and launches innovative app
There are around 25 million carbon credits available in the digital carbon market that can be utilised by projects looking to efficiently and transparently offset their carbon emissions. Fly Air clients can take advantage.

Fly Air, a US private jet booking platform, has partnered with KlimaDAO to launch a first-of-its-kind fully automated carbon offsetting solution for chartered jet services.

The partnership will enable the carbon emissions of flights to be automatically calculated based on the type of jet used and the distance travelled. This information will be utilised by the Fly Air platform to ensure that sufficient compensatory measures are taken by Fly Air on behalf of its customers to mitigate the impact of their carbon emissions.

The partnership will facilitate instantaneous offsetting of carbon credits via KlimaDAO, which is built on top of the public blockchain Polygon, meaning that the carbon credits that are retired are fully traceable and verifiable, including the amount, type and vintage year of the credits used.

Today, there are almost 25 million carbon credits available within the digital carbon market that can be utilised by projects looking to efficiently and transparently offset their carbon emissions.

Through the development and implementation of a carbon offsetting strategy, Fly Air and its customers will be supporting the development of projects within the market that are undertaking high-impact sustainability work that can protect and regenerate vulnerable ecosystems and decarbonise the economy.

The airline industry is a highly carbon-intensive industry, which faces unique challenges on its journey towards net zero status. Technologies such as airframe enhancements, sustainable aviation fuels, batteries and hydrogen combustion engines do not yet have the scale or maturity to viably decarbonise the entire industry.

Carbon offsetting is a mechanism to compensate for carbon emissions in the medium term as alternative, zero-carbon solutions mature. Ensuring that transparent, traceable carbon offsetting is executed is key to ensuring consumer confidence in the chosen compensatory measures is maintained.

Fly Air has also unveiled a voice activated app, a mobile application that allows one to search, locate and book jet charter flights without manually entering desired flight information on a mobile device screen. The application facilitates payment with Fly Air tokens multiple cryptocurrencies or credit cards.

CEO Stuart Bullard comments. “Fly Air is committed to a sustainable future. We aspire to be leaders in climate responsibility. It is our goal to exceed all current and future environmental regulatory agency requirements. Carbon offset tracking is an automatic feature in the Fly Air app. However, we have plans to offer the service to other aviation entities and individual flyers as well. Users of our carbon tracking system can experience the gratification of being environmentally responsible. With just a few taps on a mobile device screen, the carbon offset carbon neutral process is seamless and complete.”

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