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ACC B757 ready for action in the Americas
ACC Aviation is to market a B757 with a 62-seat configuration. The aircraft includes an onboard stateroom and large private en-suite, and bridges the gap between large-cabin private jets and commercial airliners.
The aircraft has significant range and uplift capabilities.

UK-based aviation group ACC Aviation is offering a VIP Boeing B757-200 for charter. The aircraft will be operated by Freedom II in the US.

ACC is the aircraft's sales and marketing agent, providing direct access to this 62 seater for ad hoc and charter programmes. With demand expected to be high, the company has built a dedicated charter team who will work hand-in-hand with Minnesota-based Perigean Aviation, providing worldwide charter capacity.

The B757 is one of Boeing's most popular airframes, with significant range and uplift capabilities, cruising speeds and cabin comfort. This 62-seat configuration with an onboard stateroom and large private en-suite bridges the gap between large-cabin private jets and commercial airliners, providing a flexible transport solution for larger groups.

ACC Americas president Jamie Harris comments: “We are delighted to see VP-BBE coming to the United States. It has been well received by the market and is set for touring programmes in South America throughout March and April. We look forward to seeing where else the aircraft takes off from later in the year.”

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