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Three Tecnam arrivals boost Canavia training fleet
These new acquisitions bring the academy's total to five P2008JC Mark IIs and three P2006T Mark IIs. A student will fly each of the aircraft from Italy to the Canaries.
Canavia has chosen a Tecnam-based fleet that offers platforms for single and twin engine training.

Canary Islands-based aviation academy Canavia will incorporate three new Tecnam aircraft into its fleet, namely one multi-engine P2006T Mark II and two single engine P2008JC Mark IIs. The school already operates two multi-engine P2006T Mark IIs and three single-engine Tecnam P2008JC Mark IIs, 365 days a year.

The P2008JC is an ideal aircraft for all phases of single engine training as it is equipped with the latest Garmin G3X glass cockpit technology and the renowned Tecnam flying qualities.

The Tecnam P2006T Mark II is a twin engine, four seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear. Its simplicity, performance, efficiency and ergonomics are what make it ideal for multi-engine training as well as cross-country flying. The P2006T offers an unbeatable value proposition and innovative design with the modern Garmin avionics suite, and two Rotax 912S3 engines, allowing unrivalled fuel savings.

The P2006T Mark II can compete with single engine aircraft on consumption, and in a single platform it offers different ratings, such as multi engine piston (MEP), variable pitch propeller, EFIS and retractable landing gear.

“Canavia achieved the goal of having a fleet composed exclusively of Tecnam aircraft, a brand characterised by its commitment to the safety, reliability and quality of its wide range of aircraft. By doing so, Canavia guarantees its students and future pilots a training distinguished by excellence,” says CEO Mario Pons. "The aircraft delivery is also a fantastic training opportunity: as with the rest of our fleet, a student will ferry flight the aircraft, together with an instructor, from Tecnam's headquarters in Capua, Italy to Canavia's base in the Canary Islands, gaining experience in an international cross country flight."

“We are so proud to have Canavia as one of the major flight academies using our modern fleet solution. Together we are innovating in European flight training,” adds Tecnam chief sales officer Walter Da Costa.

This fleet expansion will not only improve the quality of training and reduce the costs for its students, but also help to preserve the environment. A recent study shows that flight schools operating with a Tecnam single engine fleet can reduce emissions by up to 60 per cent. This equates to 10 tons of CO2 for each student by the time they receive their commercial pilot licence.

Canavia is also an approved Tecnam maintenance centre, performing the maintenance of its fleet and that of third parties with the highest standards of safety and quality.

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