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Investment in Deutsche Aircraft will propel green development
The partnership fuels progress on the D328eco and Leipzig production facilities in Germany, as well as opening opportunities for the development of future aircraft variants in new international markets.
The D328eco will deliver improvements in operational and maintenance costs as well as reductions in the overall carbon footprint.
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Deutsche Aircraft Holdings (DAH) has secured a minority equity investment from a joint venture between Germany-based aerospace company OHB SE and Switzerland-based investment company AFK Enterprise, that will propel the development of new green aviation technologies including the D328eco, an environmentally-friendly version of its Do328 short-haul passenger aircraft. Under the agreement, the investors have the potential to acquire additional ownership up to a majority at a later point in time.

The partnership fuels progress on the D328eco and Leipzig production facilities in Germany, as well as opening opportunities for the development of future aircraft variants in new international markets.

Deutsche Aircraft CEO Dave Jackson says: “This investment reaffirms both the strong market need for a proven regional aircraft and underpins the belief in the green aviation sector, in particular the opportunities Deutsche Aircraft's new D328eco aircraft will offer.”

The D328 series of aircraft is founded on the proud heritage of Dornier, and Deutsche Aircraft is the holder of the Do328 type certificate. With new propulsion systems, latest-generation avionics and more seats, the D328eco will set new standards for environmentally-friendly short haul flying. Deutsche Aircraft is also studying a variety of alternative fuels and future climate-neutral propulsion systems as part of its product roadmap. The Do328 is the last commercial aircraft to date to have been developed and built entirely in-house by a German company, and this will also be the case with the D328eco.

The equity stake in DAH is subject to approval from the German government which is currently supporting the development of the D328eco with a high-volume development cost loan and, in addition, supports the development of clean aviation initiatives at Deutsche Aircraft. The transaction is anticipated to close during the first quarter of 2023, following regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

"With this investment we are significantly strengthening our aerospace business segment,” says OHB board member Dr Lutz Bertling. “Beyond the current project, OHB intends to develop strategically with its partners more joint business in Europe, the US and Middle East, including beyond aviation, with first projects already under discussion in the defence and space sectors.”

“For us, this investment is another important step in diversifying our portfolio into mobility with environmentally friendly drives,” adds AFK CEO Dr Berthold Peikert.

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