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Alto achieves 100 Global aftermarket installs
Alto is proud to reach a milestone for its digital audio and cabin control upgrades. The drop-in, lightweight replacement speakers and subwoofers help customers reduce labour costs and increase the aircraft's value.
The Alto MySound Optimisation switch panel.
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Alto Aviation has recently reached 100 Bombardier Global Express aftermarket aircraft upgraded with certified Alto cabin digital audio systems and Cadence switch panels.

The digital audio upgrades have provided these aircraft with customised Alto Sound for each sitting area, Alto premium digital surround sound and immersive acoustic areas tailored to the specifications of each aircraft.

Alto's audio components and Cadence switch panels have been seamlessly installed by a wide variety of Alto Aviation authorised dealers worldwide, with most installations performed by AMAC Aerospace, Bombardier, Duncan Aviation, Flying Colours, GEF Aviation, Pro Star Aviation, StandardAero and West Star Aviation.

The Cadence cabin control upgrades include direct replacement of legacy Baker/Honeywell, Audio International and Lufthansa Technik components, eliminating woodwork by fitting the new panels in the existing cutouts.

Most aircraft included cabin control upgrades such as Bluetooth audio, USB/HDMI ports and tailored functionality, also available for control through the Alto cabin control app.

“We can't be prouder of this very significant milestone for our company," says vice president of sales and marketing Kevin Hayes. "We thank all our authorised installers for making it possible by selecting Alto for their digital audio and cabin control upgrades. We continue our strong commitment to delivering great sound and cabin control solutions specifically designed for Bombardier Global Express with simplicity and performance in mind. It makes us happy knowing that our drop-in, lightweight replacement mid/high loudspeakers subwoofers help our customers reduce labour costs, resulting in budget-friendly solutions that enhance the passengers' experience and increase the aircraft's value.”

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