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Baldwin hits four million milestone
Reaching the four million report milestone signifies that Baldwin clients recognise the importance of proactive safety management by incorporating strategies that contribute to regular, active filing every single day.

Baldwin Safety & Compliance has now received more than four million form submissions to its proprietary safety management system (SMS) software.

The reports represent flight risk assessments and maintenance risk assessments as well as other forms that assist towards a well-rounded safety management system, including safety reports, internal audit forms, change management, accident/incident reports, UAS forms, OSHA audits, ASAP and more. In all, the forms account for over 220 million individual data points.

“Reaching this four million milestone signifies that our clients recognise the importance of proactive safety management by incorporating strategies and activities that contribute to regular and active filing of reports every single day,” says founder and president Donald Baldwin. “With each filed report, our mission to manage risk and prevent accidents is advanced. We are always looking for ways to further streamline the reporting process, such as the recent incorporation of NASA ASRS with our reporting tool.”

Baldwin has been involved in safety management since 2004, and the data collected reaching the four million submission record was tallied from an upgraded software system installed in 2012. Known for scalable and customisable online solutions to assist and grow with an organisation, the Baldwin SMS framework supports proactive risk management and the creation of positive safety culture.

Director of safety Dr Jason Starke says: “The four million reports filed are the result of our unwavering commitment to keep our SMS software and support relevant with regular process, regulatory and technology upgrades. We aim to support our clients with safety management innovations, customer service and simplicity; it's what motivates our team every day.”

Through a secure cloud-based system, the Baldwin's SMS is a safety and quality management solution with safety-focused tools for managers and frontline workers. The system can be tailored to an organisation's size, complexity and safety priorities. It complies with FAA regulations and meets IS-BAO and ICAO standards.

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