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Swiss Helicopter signs H120s up for HCare Classics upgrade
The company's pilots, flight instructors and technicians are already familiar with this avionics system as is it used on the H125 fleet. Now the H120s will benefit from the same level of safety and performance.
Swiss Helicopter's H120 fleet will be modernised, given new safety and performance functionalities and equipped with a more digitally-connected system.

Swiss Helicopter has signed an agreement to upgrade the avionics systems for its H120 helicopters. The new avionics will modernise the aircraft, provide new safety and performance functionalities and equip it with a more digitally-connected system. This upgrade is one of the continuous improvement programmes offered in the new HCare Classics package, a suite of flexible services dedicated to out-of-production aircraft.

“Our fleet of H120 helicopters is highly appreciated in our spectrum of operations given the aircraft's excellent low sound levels, comfort, high reliability and good performance,” says CEO Rolf Heuberger. “Our pilots, flight instructors and technicians are already familiar with this avionics system, which is used on our H125 fleet, and we're pleased that the H120 will benefit from the same level of safety and performance this system provides. We're looking forward to operating the H120 for many years to come.”

“We are dedicated to providing our customers who operate legacy helicopters with the same high level of support as with our in-production helicopters,” says executive vice president of customer support and services Christoph Zammert. “Swiss Helicopter is the first of our civil operations customers to take advantage of this improvement offer and the collaborative approach to developing and certifying this avionics upgrade for the H120. We're honoured to embark on such a partnership and continue supporting it to ensure the safety, performance and supportability of its H120 avionics systems.”

Swiss Helicopter operates out of 15 bases throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Lichtenstein. With its fleet that includes 18 H125s and seven H120s, it is one of the biggest helicopter providers of aerial work services, flight training and sightseeing flights in Europe. Swiss Helicopter is a subsidiary company of Swiss Helicopter Group.

Airbus Helicopters' new HCare offer includes three main flexible solutions: HCare Initial, HCare In-Service and HCare Lifetime. HCare Classics, dedicated to the out-of-production legacy fleet of H120, Dauphin, Puma and Gazelle types, is one of the two flexible solutions for specific fleets, along with HCare First for Airbus Corporate Helicopters aircraft.

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Airbus is targeting certification from major aviation authorities for IFR capability on its H125 rotorcraft, including the FAA, during the second half of 2024, with the first deliveries by the end of that year.
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March 13, 2023
HCare Classics is Airbus' recently-launched support package entirely dedicated to meeting the support needs of the company's out-of-production legacy helicopters. The Bundespolizei has signed up for its 10 H120s.