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Flewber repurposes Flynt's GIV for roadshows
The chopped up Gulfstream GIV, now Flewber-1, has been on a tour of the Hamptons to showcase the company's app. It's next stop is Art Basel Miami 2022.
Larry Flynt's former Gulfstream GIV has become Flewber-1.
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US technology company Flewber Global has purchased the 1989 Gulfstream GIV private jet formerly owned by the late Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt.

Flewber founder, chairman and CEO Marc Sellouk says: β€œI was made aware that the jet's fuselage was being sold earlier this year. Now, three months later, the front 27 feet of Flynt's former corporate jet has now become Flewber-1.”

The jet has been repurposed to serve a new mission on the road, rather than in the skies. This mobile unit gives people the opportunity to step inside a piece of American history and learn how Flewber and its app are making flying private easier and more accessible than ever before.

Already a hit after multiple appearances across the Hamptons, New York Fashion Week and Manhattan, Flewber-1 is scheduled to bring its message to people more widely across the country.

Co-founder and president Jay Yu says: β€œTo make a splash and get the word out, our team at Flewber had to think outside of the box. So that is exactly what we did; visitors and the general public can scan the QR code on the side of Flewber-1 to get directly connected to our app.”

The aircraft will be at Miami for Art Basel 2022 in early December.

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