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Honeywell and Helint to provide support in eastern Africa
A collaboration with Helint will increase customers' local and regional access to Honeywell technology and expertise across eastern Africa.
Operators, owners and government agencies will have access to Honeywell’s latest technology and support through Helint.
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Honeywell has signed an MoI with Nairobi, Kenya-based Helint to provide customers in eastern Africa with components, maintenance and upgrade services for Honeywell solutions.

Commercial fixed wing and helicopter operators, private owners and government agencies will have access to Honeywell's latest technology and support through Helint, allowing for improved availability of Honeywell spares and an increased range of services offered in the region. This will reduce downtime and improve flight readiness and safety through maintenance programmes.

As part of the Honeywell official channel partner programme, Helint will provide access to the latest technologies, upgrades, obsolescence plans and maintenance service plans, ensuring that Honeywell solutions are supported to the best standard. Some of the solutions covered in the understanding are Honeywell's IntuVue RDR-7000 weather radar system, Aspire 200 satellite communication system and Maintenance Service Plan (MSP).

“We are excited about our collaboration with Honeywell Aerospace as a channel partner for the greater east African region,” says Helint managing director Mandeep S Osahan. “Africa is an emerging and fast-growing market. With this synergy between Helint and Honeywell, our customers will be able to receive an improved customer experience through local sales and after-sales support, translating into a prompt value-added service and overall customer savings as a contributor to business growth.”

“Honeywell is proud to welcome Helint as an official channel partner and to extend our support in the region,” adds vice president, defence and space international John Guasto. “A collaboration with Helint reflects our commitment to increase our customers' local and regional access to Honeywell technology and expertise through a global network of trusted service providers.”

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Honeywell uses SAF to test APUs and engines
February 1, 2023
Running its engines and APUs on SAF is a further demonstration of Honeywell's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. It recently took its first delivery of the fuel at its Phoenix Engines testing campus.
Alpha Star strengthens trip and avionics support
December 12, 2022
UAS will ensure Alpha Star receives priority ITP, handling and pricing at all global destinations, while Honeywell will provide a maintenance service plan for auxiliary power units, avionics and mechanical components.
Honeywell's weather radar is certified for AW139 Primus upgrade
November 8, 2022
Long-nose operators with existing Primus P701 and P660 weather radars will benefit from Honeywell's easily installed and maintained enhanced weather radar system.