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Improving access to advanced helicopter analytics
With more and more helicopter operators incorporating sophisticated monitoring technology into their operations, HUMS FDS analysis provides key insights to ensure readiness and machine safety.
GPMS VP of sales Todd Powers.

GPMS and Truth Data Insights have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work together to offer customers a powerful new suite of data acquisition, analytics and services. By pairing GPMS's advanced HUMS and flight data management (FDM) solution with Truth Data's specialised FDM analysis and flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) services, operators can get broad spectrum data, analytics and support services needed to improve both maintenance and safety programmes.

GPMS VP of sales Todd Powers says that more and more helicopter operators, including air medical transport programmes, are incorporating sophisticated monitoring technology into their operations: “GPMS's Foresight MX delivers a great package of advanced HUMS and detailed FDM information. However, to incorporate this flight data into a FOQA programme or to fully utilise it within a training programme requires expertise some customers don't have in house. This is where Truth Data comes in."

Truth Data provides specialised FDM analysis and FOQA services that are customisable based on aircraft type, mission or other user-defined parameters. By combining these services with the breakthrough aircraft monitoring of GPMS's Foresight MX, customers will have access to a greater range of information with much more detail.

“The market is asking what they should integrate on board to acquire the data they need to improve operations and safety,” says Truth Data director of operations Tom Nied. “Foresight MX provides customers with a two-in-one solution, acquiring both machine data needed for HUMS and flight data needed to track exceedances and analyse pilot behaviour. Truth Data offers FOQA services on top of this stack, to complete the solution for operators wanting to optimise both maintenance and safety.”

For air medical operators, this collaboration is particularly important. Powers adds: “When there is a patient in need, your aircraft has to be ready to respond. Our HUMS provides key insights for maintainers to ensure readiness and machine safety.” Truth Data already counts large, air medical operators among its customer base and Nied explains that it is also important to make sure that human factors are considered: “By combining GPMS's FDM data with the analysis and FOQA services provided by Truth Data, we can help ensure crew readiness and cover this side of the equation as well.”

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