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CAE and Clay Lacy bust pilot demand and boost flight training
The industry first cross-training and job sharing agreement allows CAE instructors to fly part-time for Clay Lacy, whose pilots in turn will conduct training and flight checks for CAE.
CAE group president, civil aviation Nick Leontidis.

CAE has signed a two-way organisational cross-training and job-sharing agreement with US operator Clay Lacy Aviation. This agreement calls for CAE instructors to be trained to company standards, enabling them to fly with Clay Lacy, and for Clay Lacy senior pilots to be approved to conduct training and check flights for CAE. A business aviation industry first, this two year cross-training and job sharing agreement is an innovative solution to the increasing pilot demand while enhancing pilot training and overall operational safety.

“We are proud to be partnering with Clay Lacy Aviation on innovative solutions to deal with industry challenges like pilot recruitment and training standardisation,” says CAE group president, civil aviation Nick Leontidis. “This agreement is an excellent example of how two industry pioneers like Clay Lacy and CAE can share their expertise on a training and job sharing programme that will benefit the two organisations, their employees and ultimately their customers.”

“The current state of the industry has provided a conduit for collaboration between companies who have the courage to lead change,” adds Clay Lacy senior vice president of flight operations Dondi Pangalangan. “The synergy through the training and job sharing programme enables industry-leading air carrier-specific training, which increases safety margins and standardisation with an agility to quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs.”

The agreement will enable select CAE instructors to fly for Clay Lacy while enjoying the stability of a home-based instructor position as their primary employment. In return, a select number of Clay Lacy pilots will conduct training and check flights on behalf of CAE, while maintaining their primary employment with the operator.

CAE and Clay Lacy Aviation enjoy a longstanding relationship. This partnership will allow CAE to offer its instructors the opportunity to maintain familiarity with everyday operations and Clay Lacy to establish training stability for increased standardisation across its fleet, all while creating positive opportunities for employees at both companies.

Moreover, CAE is expanding its network to be closer to where its customers operate their aircraft. Its newly opened Las Vegas training centre in Nevada brings CAE closer than ever to Clay Lacy where its pilots will be welcomed for a training experience that will allow them to operate to the highest standards in the industry.

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